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Re: Phonetic Alphabet Tables

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Peter Aberrant, Apr 19, 2004.

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  1. Lifeguards.
  2. zpk

    zpk Guest


    another of predictions proven.

    rsgb pse note.
  3. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Not a shred of evidence that you are actually capable of rational thought.
    They dont use semaphore.
    More fool you. Only hand singles are.

    And that's got absolutely NOTHING to do with what was
    commented on there, THE USE OF THOSE FOR FUN.
    Got absolutely NOTHING to do with what was commented
    on there, THE USE OF THOSE FOR FUN.
  4. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Bullshit. That aint semaphore.

    Lifeguards use hand signals, a different thing entirely.
  5. I wish you would all learn to LIVE AND LET LIVE...if people wish to use
    MORSE...let them use it.
    I don't use Morse, but it doesn't bother me if others do.

  6. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    (Not married ones, Rod? :)
    *At night*? Do you guys light yourselves up first so your party (and the
    enemy) can see you do the hokey-pokey, smoke a bong and release the hounds -
    I mean, carrier pigeons - first?

    This is a mildly amusing thread, but this sub-thread is well into the

  7. Note that many hundreds of thousands of people still carry morse code receivers in their pockets.
    When a SMS message arrives, their mobile phone beeps "... -- ..." (SMS).
  8. I think your thinking is non-existant.
    Every heard of battery powered radio's?
    I'll be willing to bet they don't.
    Not these days.
  9. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    And hardly any of them realise that and dont need to.
  10. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    I wish you would take Comprehension 101 a few hundred
    times and realise that what was being discussed was
    how much morse gets used today and not whether those
    tho like it are welcome to use it as much as they like.
    How does MORSE feel about being used ?

    Does he end up feeling a bit tacky afterwards ?
    Rather pathetic, really.
  11. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    This is no laughing matter, boy.
    Yeah, thats why they are doing so badly in Iraq, stupid.
    You get no say what so ever on that or anything else at all. Ever.

    And dont you forget it.
  12. Binary Era

    Binary Era Guest

    I don't remember the 'FUN' requirement, could you repost it for me?

  13. Binary Era

    Binary Era Guest

    Oh dear.....
  14. Geoff

    Geoff Guest

    Over here they are called coastguards, coastwatch and the RNLI. The signals
    they use are called "landing signals". The differ somewhat from semaphore,
    but the principal is the same.

  15. John Miller

    John Miller Guest

    It's a lot like being an "appliance operator" on the HF bands...

    1) Get a rice cooker
    2) Plug it in
    3) Add rice and water according to chart
    4) Plug it in

    John Miller
    Email address: domain,; username, jsm

    The good life was so elusive
    It really got me down
    I had to regain some confidence
    So I got into camouflage
  16. John Miller

    John Miller Guest


    4) Push the button

    John Miller
    Email address: domain,; username, jsm

    Given its constituency, the only thing I expect to be "open" about [the
    Open Software Foundation] is its mouth.
    -John Gilmore
  17. Or twice as much water as rice. (2 cups for one cups, etc.)
  18. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    SURE you dont, arsehole.
    It was in the quoting you just carefully deleted, fuckwit.
  19. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    They are nothing like semaphone.
    Crap. Semaphore spells out the message letter
    by letter, like morse does, but using arms/flags etc.

    Signal flags are nothing like semaphore
    either and are still used to some extent.
  20. MattD..

    MattD.. Guest

    That's it, you've done it now. He's got to run the "D" up the flagstaff, or
    possibly the "N" and "C" combination.

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