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UK international phonetic alphabet

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Lem, May 6, 2006.

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  1. "The personal here would be Mike. I spell, Mike ....
    Er, I spell ....."

    73 de Wlat
  2. TimPerry

    TimPerry Guest

    was that QRM i just heard :)
  3. Hexenmeister

    Hexenmeister Guest

    | "!" <..> wrote in message | > X-No-Archive: Yes
    | >
    | > | > > Here in the UK, when I am on the phone I sometimes have to spell out
    | > > words such as my
    | >
    | > The 'accepted' one by industry is:
    | >
    | > Alpha
    | > Bravo
    | > Charlie
    | > Delta
    | > Echo
    | > Foxtrot
    | > Gold
    | > Hotel
    | > India
    | > Mike
    | > November
    | > Oscar
    | > Papa
    | > Quebec
    | > Romeo
    | > Sierra
    | > Tango
    | > Uniform
    | > Victor
    | > Xray
    | > Yankee
    | > Zebra (used to be Zulu, the political correctness happened).
    | What industry? I have never heard 'Gold' or 'Zebra' used.
    Zulus are African Africans, not African Americans. You mustn't say
    Zulu in front of an American nigga, even if American niggas call each
    other 'nigga'. In my country we have British African Americans, but we
    call them 'black'. They don't seem to mind, after all, they call us 'white'.
    Zebra is acceptable because zebras are black AND white.
    Dunno about those Washington Redskins, though. Definitely not
    politically correct. It could be changed to Washington Rednecks or
    Washington Wetbacks, but that would mean changing the venue to
    Capitol Hill.

  4. Hexenmeister

    Hexenmeister Guest

  5. Peter Duck

    Peter Duck Guest

    In message <[email protected]>
    Not to anyone who remembers the pre-1950 (British-only?) version, and
    who had to unlearn 'Able, Baker, Charlie, Dog, Easy, Fox, ...'

    You're free, of course, to use whatever you like in private between
    consenting adults, but 'improving' a long-accepted international
    standard of some importance to life-critical aeronautical/maritime
    communications is not something on which to lightly embark.
  6. Prometheus

    Prometheus Guest

    You do not have to know what the word means, you only have to know what
    letter the word starts with; hence the "standard NATO/international
    phonetic alphabet" is used to assist clarity between people who are
    trained to use it, it is not intended for use by people who are
    untrained and unfamiliar with the words (vodka = V not W (wodka in its

    P.S. I also subscribe to sci.physics
  7. It's no trouble at all - and who won the war anyway? It's Golf and Zulu
    thru and thru! :)
  8. GM6TRS

    GM6TRS Guest

    Your posited Latino or Asian may not picture an English gentleman by the
    name of Michael - more likely a microphone.

    I don't think the rest of the NATO International & Aviation phonetic
    alphabet would cause him any problems either - it is after all a
    long-established *international* alphabet. Good for the UK, or anywhere
    else on Earth. Klingons, though - could be a problem there...

    - -
  9. Ivor Jones

    Ivor Jones Guest

    "The personal" ?? Are we on CB now then..?! I have a name, I don't have
    "a" personal, although I have a lot of things that are personal..!

    BTW who's this "Wlat" bloke..?

  10. Ivor Jones

    Ivor Jones Guest

    Ah, you mean "total bollocks", that sounds about right..!

  11. Ivor Jones

    Ivor Jones Guest

    Neither, GMT..!

  12. Jim

    Jim Guest



    73, Jim, G4RGA

    Campaign for a Scottish Internet Domain .sco
  13. Hexenmeister

    Hexenmeister Guest

    | | > | > > ! wrote:
    | > > > Zebra (used to be Zulu, the political correctness
    | > > > happened).
    | > >
    | > > Do we adjust our clocks to Zebra time now then?
    | > >
    | > > Owain
    | > Nah... UTC.
    | Neither, GMT..!

    I'm on summer time, GMT +1.


    | Ivor
  14. Peter

    Peter Guest

    I've never been in the armed forces, am clean shaven and use the
    phonic alphabet to ensure people (often in the US or Asia) are able to
    correctly understand my meaning
    It's not an alphabet for use between UK "natives" - it's meant to ne,
    and is, an international alphabet
    No, "Mother" may be misheard as "other"
    I would suggest that people don't worry about trademarks, but are more
    concerned with clarity and comprenension - hence Tommy may be misheard
    as Johnny
    I despair
  15. Ivor Jones

    Ivor Jones Guest

    My amateur radio log isn't..!

  16. Pete Schult

    Pete Schult Guest

    One that's not quite perfect:

  17. UTC is more precise, as it has leap seconds. :) Admittedly, I don't know
    how much that screws up astronomical predictions.
  18. Ivor Jones

    Ivor Jones Guest

    Sorry, I can't help it..! I'm a Londoner by birth and I was always rather
    fond of Greenwich..!

  19. The Magnum

    The Magnum Guest

    'Grotbags' on 'The Pink Windmill' was a Green Witch... don't tell me you
    were fond of her too !! ;o)

    (Only knows this because of his two younger daughters)
    -.-. -... / .-. .- -.. .. ---

    Radio is only a Hobby. Don't let it rule your life...

    73/51 - Graham, 26-Golf Charlie-19
  20. linker3000

    linker3000 Guest

    I did some consulting in a large call centre once and one of the
    training rooms was booked out to the Virgin (as in trains and airways
    etc.) team for new recruits. The phonetic alphabet was plastered on all
    the walls - can't remember it all, but it started...

    A - Alpha
    B - Branson

    I kid you not!
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