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wiper motor questions

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by pevweb, Nov 25, 2020.

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  1. pevweb


    Nov 6, 2020
    Hi guys
    so I got another motor on market place, sweet little find. Anyway, it has 5 wires coming out of it. I've searched the web to find schemas for it but can't find exact match (comes off a Ford focus 2004). From what I can tell the middle wire (black) is my negative and then then i would have my hi and lo on one side and my park on the other side. either way, a few questions. how can I test this before applying power to it? I presume I can damage motor if apply power to the wrong wires. In the other motor I had I could tell which one was my negative so it was fairly easy to find the hi and lo.

    Second question. ground. Do I need to ground this somehow? I will be using for a prop eventually so the motor will be in a wooden box. powered by a dc converter (which that would be grounded) but wondering if I need to ground this somehow in order to make it safe

    thanks wipermotro.JPG
  2. shrtrnd


    Jan 15, 2010
    Try Googling the wiring diagram for a Ford Focus 2004, check the wiring of the motor on the schematic.
  3. pevweb


    Nov 6, 2020
    tried but can't seem to find exact match
  4. kpatz


    Feb 24, 2014
    The "ground" in automotive applications is the wire connected to the "-" side of the power supply. For 12V you don't need to ground it for safety, plus it's not metal anyway.

    Black wire is usually ground.

    As for the other wires, there's probably two winding wires (for "low" and "high" speeds), and the others are for the park position switch. You should be able to identify them with an ohmmeter. The motor windings will have a low but not zero resistance, and the park switch will either be short or open depending on the position of the motor.

    This site has a schematic of a typical Ford wiper system, maybe it will help with the deciphering:
  5. dave9


    Mar 5, 2017
    Here is a 5 wire wiper diagram from a generation earlier Ford Explorer.

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  6. pevweb


    Nov 6, 2020

    ok, so I attempted to test resistance, here is what I got.

    I hooked up my probe to the middle wire (black, the one I suspect to be the negative) and then tested it against the others to the right. getting a reading of 1.5 and 1,4. then when I probed the two wires on the right I got 2.2
    so based on that I figured my park switch wires were the 2 wires on the left and the 2 to the right were my high and low.

    so I plugged it up to my dc converter and this is the result

    notice that when I plug my negative lead from power to the middle black and then my positive to either of the wires on the right I get 2 different speeds. (seemingly hi and lo). now the part that confused me was when I put my negative lead onto the wires most to the right and then hooked my positive to the other 2 wires (26s into the video). notice how fast it's going.. After doing that I'm not sure which wire is what anymore, this make sense to you guys?

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