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Static convergence

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Sep 19, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    I'm trying to set the static convergence on a big screen TV, but can't
    the blue to center vertically. The centering magnets only get the line
    to within about a 1/4" of center (on right side). Any idea on what else
    I can adjust or is this a possible faulty component? Thanks all.
  2. Guest

    Do you have the convergence circuit disabled per the service manual?
    Is the blue suppose to be centered or offset by some specific amount?
    Again check the service manual.

    Some sets have the blue of center when the convergence circuit is
  3. Guest

    The manual didn't specify this. Here's more info - the set has a
    convergence adjust using the remote and cross pattern. I can line up
    all 3 colors using the centering magnets and the remote. When I inject
    a cross pattern using a signal generator (as the manual states) through
    the coax, the blue will not line up. Of course I don't fully understand
    the principles involved here since I'm new to repair. I hope this gives
    a clue to the problem. Thankyou for the response.
  4. Guest

    Either the service manual, adjustment manual, or training manual will
    specify how to disable the convergence circuit in order to do the
    static convergence. It HAS to be done per the correct instructions.
    You might need to call the manufacture tech support line to get the
    correct information.

    If it use to be good and suddenly is off, then there is a fault that
    needs repaired.
  5. Guest

    I will take your advice and call Hitachi tomorrow. I did find something
    new though, when using the built in convergence adjust with the remote,
    the blue horizontal line will not move either direction. This isn't
    normal and has to be part of the malfunction doesn't it? I'll repost
    tomorrow. Thanks again.
  6. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Probably a bad solder connection on the convergence board or a bad STK IC on
    that same board, you're trying to adjust out a fault and now you'll have to
    do a full alignment once the fault is fixed rather than just a minor tweak
    you'd have had to do before mucking with the static convergence.
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