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Building a basic USB device?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Feb 18, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    Greetings, all.

    I have a requirement for getting some external sensor-data (possibly
    analogue, possible digital, not sure yet) into a PC (Linux, not

    This will need to be a USB connection, as it needs to be easily
    assembled by an untrained user.

    Can anyone recommend a good place to look for initial information about
    creating a USB device, alternatives, etc?

    Basically, I'm not sure where to start. Is there such a thing as a
    generic USB controller that I can integrate into a circuit? Am I
    barking up the wrong tree completely?

  2. Bob Monsen

    Bob Monsen Guest

    You can buy USB cards here:

    Bob Monsen

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  3. Chris

    Chris Guest

    Hi. To work on making a USB interface, get "USB Complete: Everything
    You Need to Develop Custom USB Peripherals", Third Edition by Jan
    Axelson. You could also look at the Jan Axelson/Lakeview Research USB
    homepage for supplemental information, as well as other weblinks.

    Good luck
  4. Don McKenzie

    Don McKenzie Guest

    there are a heap of variants at:

    all the items based on the FTDI devices have Linux drivers.
    may give you some ideas.


    Don McKenzie
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  5. Leo Meyer

    Leo Meyer Guest


    have a look at this one:$=main/howto/mind.htm

    This one is Human Interface Device driver compatible which is present on
    almost every OS. Gives you 6 analog and 28 digital inputs with a minimal
    effort. Should be enough for most applications. (Haven't tested it though.)

    Regards, Leo
  6. Guest

    Thanks guys, that's exactly the sort of info I need to get started.
    I'm completely out of my depth, so it will be an interesting learning
    experience :D

    Basically I need to get data from several environmental sensors to a
    black-box monitor PC (sbc/embedded/etc) for ultimate presentation via
    http. I think the sensor-data is probably going to be from analogue
    varying-resistance devices, so I may need to build a small component to
    enable multiple different types of sensors to interface with the
    monitor PC.

    I'm new to programming anything with "real" devices, rather than
    data-only services like websites etc, so this should be an interesting
  7. Chris

    Chris Guest

    Good. You may want to look at the Lab Jack, a USB-interface device
    with built-in 20 digital I/O, 8 ea. 12-bit analog inputs and two 10-bit
    analog outputs. It's got a lot of other features. They do have Linux
    drivers, but they primarily support the Windows environment. If the
    hardware is appropriate, for $119 in single quantities you can just
    wire up your terminal blocks, plug the LabJack into the PC USB, and
    move on to the programming issues. It's worth checking out:

    Good luck
  8. Bob Monsen

    Bob Monsen Guest

    Those futurlec guys are also selling some kind of web based sensor thingy,
    which you might want to take a look at.

    Bob Monsen

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  9. Bob Masta

    Bob Masta Guest

    Circuit Cellar magazine has had some hands-on articles
    in the last year or so, at least in the dead-tree version.
    You might check what they have on their Web site.

    Best regards,

    Bob Masta

    D A Q A R T A
    Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysis
    Home of DaqGen, the FREEWARE signal generator
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