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UV bulb for an eprom erasure

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by skozzy, Sep 16, 2003.

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  1. skozzy

    skozzy Guest

  2. Al Borowski

    Al Borowski Guest

    I really hope you haven't looked at it while it was powered up - EPROM
    erasing UV is nasty!

    Try jaycar. They sell spare tubes for their UV erasers and it looks
    like it will fit. From memory you want a 'g45t germicidal UV tube'


  3. skozzy

    skozzy Guest

    Thanks, I will pop in there tomorrow and find out.
  4. skozzy

    skozzy Guest

    No luck at Jaycar, I have to keep searching.
  5. Chewy

    Chewy Guest

    Try a specialised lamp place. Last time I got one was at Koala Wholesalers
    in commerical road Fort. valley. I don't know whether they are still around.
    If not try ProLamps at newstead a try.
  6. skozzy

    skozzy Guest

    I actually bought a replacement from them, they had to get it up from
    Sydney, but they did have it.. They are still around, the bulb cost me $30,
    not too bad.
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