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TV vertical woes

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Peter E. Orban, Jan 5, 2004.

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  1. Happy New Year to Everyone!

    I have two TVs with vertical problems.

    The first one is a Toshiba CM915C ch# 8516, with the lower 15% of the
    picture folded back.
    I built an ESR meter during the break (555 timer and scope), and found
    and replaced a number of electrolytic caps in the vertical stage. It did
    not help. I also replaced the vertical IC (AN5515) from another TV,
    still the same problem. Anything else to check? I will go through the
    other components if someone could give the values for those. Anyone has
    access to the schematics, the sample application circuit on the AN5515
    data sheet seems to be different than the one used in that particular

    The other TV is a Mitsubishi CS21SX1C ch# XL-B-CSX1, with no vertical
    deflection. Nothing seems to be fried visually, the caps check out ok
    for ESR, no obvious sign of leakage. What is the vertical IC used in
    that TV? It is a 13 pin SIP IC, and no number on it. Again, I do not
    have a schematics, and finding a data sheet on that IC might help
    diagnosing the problem (the yoke is not open).

    Thanks for the help,

  2. Sofie

    Sofie Guest

    Peter E Orban:
    Did you use your search engine to try to find answers to your questions?
    If you were to do a google group search with the phrase "Toshiba Vertical
    Problems" you would find hundreds of useful repair suggestions including the
    most likely overlooked suspect electrolytic ... C301 it is near the
    jungle chip about 3 or 4 inches toward the center of the board away from the
    AN5515. Also, other frequent culprits are C302, C305, C308 ..... and
    The same advice goes for your Mitsubishi television....... a lot of
    different issues including conductive glue, faulty PIP smd electrolytics,
    etc, etc.
    Take some time now to do some of your own searching to find possible answers
    and solutions.
    Also you should visit the web site for this newsgroup at
    There you will find a wealth of information, troubleshooting tips, repair
    procedures, etc..... but it will take a little search time on your part.
    You will find that most of the time that your questions have already been
    answered by someone's past repair experiences.
  3. Tim Marcus

    Tim Marcus Guest

    Those Toshibas usually have 2 dried out 2.2uf caps that cause some
    trouble. Check c301 near the video chip (in the shielded area) and
    c304 (?) near the Vertical IC. They are usually red, and small, and
    you can smell them. If the numbers are off, check the numbers of the
    Vertical circuit and loacate the 2.2uf cap near the Video chip, and
    the 2.2uf chip near the Vert IC. Good Luck- Tim
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