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TV Turns off for no reason

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by magmike, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. magmike

    magmike Guest

    My TV turns off for no reason out of no where. I haven't been able to make
    any determination of any sort of pattern. Sometimes it turns off more often
    that others.

    Any ideas?
  2. Set Square

    Set Square Guest

    My TV turns off for no reason out of no where. I haven't been able to
    Perhaps it doesn't like the rubbish program(me)s you're watching? <g>
  3. b

    b Guest

    magmike ha escrito:
    ermmm...lets see. it's broken.
    seriously, what do you expect without posting make model number/
    chassis /age/type of set, etc?? any measurements/inspections you have

    start by checking for bad solder joints around the power supply and
    high voltage areas. If what I say means nothing to you then you
    shouldn't attempt it yourself, get it to a tech before it goes worse
    and consequently more costly to fix!
  4. Guest

    There are lots and lots of faults that could cause the symptoms you
    reported. If you had posted a Make, Model and Chassis number along
    with your intial troubleshooting results like meter readings, component
    tests and visual inspection you "might" get better suggestions and
    replies.... obviously, not all televisions are built the same with
    the same design.
    As "B" suggested in his reply post to you, if you nurse this along and
    wait to get it fixed, it will only get worse to the point that it won't
    turn on and then the repair cost will be much higher due to more
    component failures.
    You might want to go to the website for this newsgroup at
    there, with some searching, you will find a wealth of troubleshooting
    and repair information.
    - - - - - - - - -
  5. That was my thought. Some TV's now come with banality detectors and...

    But, then, since the OP felt the make, model, and environment of the TV
    was not important to the issue, we can only surmise...
  6. magmike

    magmike Guest

    So, some guy named "J" decides to secretly email me this response to my

    ---BEGIN BABBLE------------------------------------------------------------
    ya know, my car does that too....any ideas?
    and btw, my computer does that too....any ideas?
    But just a bit more seriously though, I have thousands of ideas but I don't
    feel inclined to waste my time responding to requests in which the poster
    does not provide adequate information to better characterize the problem. Is
    this out of stupidity or ignorance? Perhaps arrogance, thinking that his
    time is more valuable than everybody elses....

    Gee, is it my imagination or are ppl that post to this just getting

    ---END BABBLE------------------------------------------------------------

    Now was that really necessary? The whole beauty of this newsgroup business,
    is that it is selective. If you don't feel that I gave YOU enough
    information with which to help this poor, lost, electronically-challenged
    soul, you have two choices:

    1. ignore the post
    2. ask more questions - politely

    - ill even add a third - Go jump in a lake, I hear it's great this time of
    year. (NOT - that's why you should do it now)

    I came here because it is where the experts hang out. I was hoping that it
    may have been something easy that I could have done to avoid paying large
    fees at a repair shop. Since this is a "discussion" group, I assumed that
    one post wouldn't have to be the end of it, and if additional information
    was required, I would be asked for it. I'm not an electronics repair-person,
    so I didn't know what y'all needed to know. When I respond in kind in
    computer/software newsgroups (when dealing with hardware) I don't need to
    know the make/model. I now know that it is important when dealing with
    television sets.

    I "could" give you some basic suggestions on why your car is turning off on
    you all of a sudden: try your alternator for example. It charges the battery
    and runs the car. However, if it stops charging, your car will die out of
    nowhere while you are driving. And that information applies to all make and
    models. Go figure.

    Since I have learned (through, grown-up polite posters) that this IS beyond
    me, I will be taking it to a repair shop. Luckily, there were more polite
    people here to help realize this. And luckily for you, this screen seperates
    us. I may not have been as polite if you were in the cubicle next to me.

    (no intials, that's actually my name!)
  7. default

    default Guest

    Similar problem with compact fluorescent light triggering the remote
    input to the TV. Mine would change channels.
  8. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Easy, it's broken, either that or someone is sitting on the remote.
  9. It sounds like you have an off timer set. Consult your television
    instruction manual to see about how to disable it.

    another idea is to throw the tv in the dump.
  10. Not if it's random as he says. Probably a bad solder connection or
    marginal component.
    Hmmmm. And I always thought this was a repair group, not a "add to
    the land fill" group. :)

    --- sam | Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ:
    Repair | Main Table of Contents:
    +Lasers | Sam's Laser FAQ:
    | Mirror Sites:

    Important: Anything sent to the email address in the message header above is
    ignored unless my full name AND either lasers or electronics is included in the
    subject line. Or, you can contact me via the Feedback Form in the FAQs.
  11. magmike

    magmike Guest

    might be a cheaper solution...
  12. Or, it's someone outside the window with another remote control....

    (I gotta get me one of those All-Brands TV remote "OFF" 'controls;
    to kill the TV's in restaurants where they believe high volume
    background banality is "ambience.... )

  13. Hi!
    A bit cold, but some people might find it very enlivening. (I know that I
    like to walk around outside when it's about 30 for moderate lengths of time
    with no coat.)
    That's true...there are very knowledgeable people here. However, one thing
    you ought to understand is that this sort of thing is far from uncommon. I
    see posts here somewhat often where detailed info is never provided. There
    are many different methods of building a TV...the same basic components are
    used, but it's the details that differ.

    It's easy to get a little tired of this, write a less than polite post and
    annoy a person who simply didn't know better at the time.
    I might differ with you on that. Hardware brand can make a
    difference...think of "my video card is malfunctioning" or almost any other
    computer component failure.

    You need more info to make any kind of a diagnosis.
    A good example, but an ignition module or spark system delivery problem is
    far more likely. The car should run for at least a little while from only
    the battery. But that's just my being a nit-picker. :)
    Good luck. I hope you can get your TV set fixed and start using it again.
    While doing any repair, your safety is of paramount importance. It's easy to
    replace the TV if it gets damaged beyond all hope of repair. Replacing
    yourself is a bit difficult even on a good day, which is what you won't have
    if it goes that far out of hand.
    That depends upon the quality of your ISP's complaint desk. Some *do* take
    reports of misbehavior or rudeness quite seriously. Sometimes. ;-)

  14. Hi!
    Sadly, sometimes you don't get much of a choice, especially with more modern

  15. those groups are whichever ones where your mother posts picture
    pictures of her spread eagle.
  16. Blow it out your ass jerk.
  17. but they don't have to and they probably wont. isp is a business. That
    means there's money to be made. They can't stand to lose money because
    *you* gawt hoyrt feewlings.

  18. b

    b Guest

    Erich Schultheis is back. ha escrito:
    come on, is there really any need for this sort of comment?
  19. Hi!
    Oh lighten up. It was a joke.
  20. Tell me about it. What did Sam ever do to him???
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