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sony trinitron 32"

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Sep 16, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    i found an earlier question very similar to my own. I have a 32" sony
    trinitron TV and the picture cuts in and out. it started about 6 mons
    ago and at first it was just when the tv was warming up, the problem
    has gotten progressively worse. the screen stays black until the tv has
    "warmed" up for about 5 minutes. then the picture cuts on and off
    without ever losing sound. it does it a little less frequently as the
    tv is completely "warmed" up. The problem has gotten very bad now. it
    is not channel searching. it stays on the correct channel (channel i
    chose) there is never any change in the picture when it is showing (no
    color or clarity changes) it just cycles picture/no picture, no matter
    how long tv is on or how long its been left turned off. i am
    electronically illiterate so i cant "fix" the problem myself, i would
    just like to know what it may be, wether it's going to be mondo
    expensive to have repaired, or should i just chuck it and get a new
    one. all replies greatly appreciated.
  2. moonlite

    moonlite Guest

    If your tv was made in the 90's, then most likely your picture tube is
    gone. These Sony tubes have a special circuit which will cut off video
    just in the manner you're describing when the tube becomes weak. Of
    course, I can explain the technical side of it, but all you really have
    to know, if you're not electronically inclined, is that your TV has
    served its purpose on this earth. Start looking for another one. Sorry
    for the bad news.
  3. David Naylor

    David Naylor Guest

    This Tv has what is called and IK curcuit. what that does is wait till
    all 3 guns are warmed up equally, so you don't get bad color or grey
    scale when the unit is turned on. Sony and many others thought that was
    a good idea. NOT ! anyway , you might try to turn up the G2 adjustment
    on you flyback it is the bottom adjustment. DO NOT turn it up much just
    a little tit...up wait till the set comes on and crank it just a
    little.. it has worked in out shop. And as others have posted your tube
    it on its way out think about buying a new set
  4. Dani

    Dani Guest

    There is a fix for this! I have done about six of these units, & they
    have worked
    out quite good! You have a bad picture tube, but you need to rejuvinate
    it. If your'e
    technically inclined, or you have a buddy who is, I can E-Mail you how
    to do it
    if you don't have a picture tube rejuvinator. I have a sure fire way to
    clean it up.
    You'll be quite pleased, even if the tube is very bad. I'll look for my
    notes, E-Mail
    me. Dani.
  5. moonlite

    moonlite Guest

    Please listen to the experts here: whatever you do to your tube will
    save it only temporarily and the picture won't be as good. I have tried
    the rejuvenation method thousands of times only to have customers come
    back and complain about a bad picture. Solid advice: if you watch tv a
    lot and want to enjoy a nice picture, get a new set.
  6. I used to flash them with a piece of hook-up wire connected to the ultor and
    flicked across a grid. Wouldn't try it now.
  7. Jeff, WB8NHV

    Jeff, WB8NHV Guest

    TV sets are so inexpensive these days that it doesn't pay to do
    anything with or to the CRT when it gets weak or outright fails. I
    agree with every poster here. Don't bother with CRT rejuvenation--it is
    a temporary fix at best, as others have said. Get rid of your old set
    and get a new one. If you're thinking of upgrading to LCD or plasma,
    this is the time to do it. Flat panel sets are coming down in price all
    the time, so you are bound to find one within your budget. If you still
    want a CRT set, those are almost dirt-cheap these days. RCA's line of
    SDTVs (standard definition TVs) is also dropping in price every time
    one turns around, or so it seems, so if you don't feel you are ready
    for or don't have the room for a large flat-panel TV, an SDTV could be
    a workable solution as well.

    Jeff Strieble, WB8NHV (email address not shown to deter spammers)
    Fairport Harbor, Ohio USA
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