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Siemens Gigaset 2420 Display problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Michael Drum, Nov 6, 2003.

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  1. Michael Drum

    Michael Drum Guest

    Hi Gang,

    I've got a Siemens Gigaset 2420 phone and the
    LCD display is missing segments. It looks like
    a jigsaw puzzle trying to read it. Otherwise,
    the phone works fine. I love the phone and
    want to keep it. I know if could be a display
    driver, or the display itself. I am willing to
    buy a new display if someone could clue me in to
    who I can turn to for parts. I beleive Siemens
    has discontinued these phones for a newer model,
    and I'm not sure they would be willing to sell me
    the part even if they did have it. I think Sohnen
    is doing repairs, but they won't sell parts.

    Anyone know how to get a replacement display for
    these phones? Also, I took the phone apart to see
    if contact pressure around the display would
    resolve the issue since I have seen many LCD display
    connection problems, but that seemed ok. Why is it
    that LCD displays always seem to be attached with
    an adhesive type ribbon cable? Is there a law against
    soldering these things or what??

    Any help would be appreciated. I would also be willing
    to buy a parts phone if someone has one.


  2. Rein Wiehler

    Rein Wiehler Guest

    you can not solder wires to the etched connectors on the glass surface
    of the display itself. tried it.
  3. Mike Drum

    Mike Drum Guest

    If I mange to find another display for this phone, any idea
    on how to properly remove the existing ribbon cable from the
    circuit board and replace it with the new display? All I can
    say is that it appears to be glued to the board in some manner.
    I have seen this on many other LCD displays, so I think it is a
    standard. I just don't have any experience in dealing with this.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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