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Pulling apart TV's

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Tigger News, Jan 18, 2004.

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  1. Tigger News

    Tigger News Guest

    Hello All

    I have never thought about it much but I want to fix up a TV which I belive
    has an electronic problem. Is there anything I should be wary of while doing

  2. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** Make sure your will is all up to date, funeral expenses covered etc.

    **** Jezus - what rock do these fuckheads crawl out from under !!!!

    ............ Phil
  3. craig smith

    craig smith Guest

    if you have to ask that question do yourself a favor and buy a new TV
    cheaper than a funeral
  4. Tigger News

    Tigger News Guest

    Give me some credit I have pulled apart and fixed every other household
    aplicence just never a TV before. Since you guys seem to know everything
    what do you think will kill me first
  5. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** Be told - top posting fuckwits using idiot handles and Hotmail get
    no mercy.

    What you *claim* to have pulled apart is nothing compared to the
    "part" pulling you are doing.

    Piss off.

    ............ Phil
  6. In more civil terms, what Phil meant to say was that the TV is one
    of more dangerous appliances to contemplate taking appart. With all
    the high value caps a TV can deliver quite strong electric shock to
    the unwary. And compared to other appliances, TVs are dangerous
    beasts. It's recomended that you don't attempt to open up a TV, but
    if you must we won't be of much use to you.

    Of couse if you are really determine to service such equipment, I do
    recomend that you take up a tafe couse or something like that. At
    least there if you do electrocute yourself hopefully there will be
    someone there who can save you.

    Finally, there are many websites out there that have such tips, so
    there is no need to ask here, just a bit of googling will give you
    many results. But you do so at your own risk.

    Wing Wong.
    P.S. I have no experience what so ever in the field of consumer
    electronics. And if have NEVER serviced and will NEVER service
    any equipment. I'm just an Electronic Engineering student.
  7. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Wing Fong Wong" <

    ** I love Chinese names.

    The one above is almost as good as " Li Ping Li " - a letter addressed
    to whom arrived in my mail last Thursday by error. Good name for a
    ymnast - what ?

    BTW Is there really a Hong Kong porn movie star called "Long Fat" ????

    ............ Phil
  8. Feel free to call me Wing, that what everyone calls me.

    As for the pr0n star, I wouldn't really know, don't
    watch that sort of stuff :p , do you?

    BTW the name is not so funny sounding if you prononce it right. Its
    more like Loong Faht, that a long 'o' and a long 'a'.

    Wing Wong.
  9. aussieblu

    aussieblu Guest

    Ok it can be done but never, never forget it can be very
    dangerous and high voltage electricity doesn't usually give you
    a second chance. TV's are particularly unforgiving.

    If you decide you really want to become a DIY TV repairer 1st
    read and fully understand a book like Homer Davidson's
    "Troubleshooting and Repairing Solid State TV's." Also buy a
    service manual for the TV in question so you are aware of where
    some of the major nasties like the flyback transformer and the
    high voltage circuits are. Make sure you understand how your
    particular TV works and where all the high voltage components
    are before poking around - know exactly what you are poking.
    Make sure you know how to safely discharge the picture tube and
    filter capacitors and why and when you need to.

    Get a good mains isolation transformer, alway stand on a thick
    rubber mat, make sure you have an earth leakage circuit breaker
    equipped power point and always use high quality well maintained
    equipment. Enter the words "TV repair safety precautions" into
    Google and read at least 100 of the useful response.

    Invest time in research, invest in good equipment and take all
    recommended safety precautions and you might get away with it.
    But still top up the insurance policy and make sure the will is

    I confess I am a DIY TV repairer myself. Before I started on my
    TV I went to extremes in following recommended safety
    precautions and spent months reading up on general TV repairs
    and studying the service manual and circuit for the TV in
    question. I had also spent 20 years before reading electronics
    Australia and similar magazines and was involved in electronics
    as a hobby. I was able to successfully fix my TV many times but
    I also recently had some little frights (not shocks).

    However, familiarity can build contempt and lead to careless
    errors and oversights; as I found out TVs don't like it if you
    mistakenly install a component of the wrong value or in reverse
    polarity - capacitors blow up in a dramatic and dangerous way.
    The lessons for me were: always wear safety glasses (lucky I
    was), always double check replacement components (don't assume
    the supplier has given you what you ordered) and never ever
    work on a TV when over-tired.
  10. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Gareth Powell claimed that some HK woman had been conned
    into calling herself Penis Wong and would answer the phone that
    way. Hard to believe, but thats what he claimed.

    I know one chinese fellow who called himself Blunden Butt.
    We presumed that he had overdosed on pulp western
    paperbacks before he showed up in this country.
  11. Give me some credit I have pulled apart and fixed every other household
    aplicence just never a TV before.

    ****** Or subtitled"How to become a brain surgeon in two easy

    Brian Goldsmith.
  12. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

  13. Leon.

    Leon. Guest

    TROLL !

    What a waste of time he is.
  14. Leon.

    Leon. Guest

    Capacitance. nasty.

    Two sources - capacitors , pretty large ones.

    - The tube - the older the CRT the slower they

    There is a high voltage between the sharp end of the tube and the front, set
    up by the flyback transformer ... the transformer connects to the tube by a
    big well insulated cable, that connects to the tube under a suction cup ,
    right ?

    Discharge the tube by connecting a wire to ground on the TV circuit boards,
    and grounding the conductor underneath the suction cup on the side of the
    CRT.. make sure only the ground wire goes under the suction cup.
  15. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** Jerk offs like you Leon are not worth feeding.

    You have not the fucking faintest why I told that poster to bugger

    It was done simply to save the fool's life.

    ............. Phil
  16. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** Jerk offs like you Leon are not worth feeding.

    You have not the fucking faintest why I told that idiot poster to bugger

    It was done simply to save the fool's life.

    ............. Phil
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