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Need Audio Detectors

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Blythe Noe, Oct 3, 2003.

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  1. Blythe Noe

    Blythe Noe Guest

    I am in need of Audio Detectors. No, not glass-break, but pure
    audio/sound. I need these for installation in the main vaults of
    several commercial banks that I am installing new alarm systems in.
    The old "Potter Electric" system is OK, but much over-priced, and not
    much improved on in the past 25 years. Any help will be much
    appreciated. Thank you. Blythe
  2. Jackcsg

    Jackcsg Guest

    Assuming you are installing a vault system to UL specifications. Sentrol
    (GE) makes a product called the Advisor. It hasn't changed much either, but
    it does meet the UL requirement for Bank Vaults. Depending on the size of
    the vault, you may need several of these devices. Just placing audio
    detection in a vault will not meet UL standards. The Advisor is a good
    reliable product, and very easy to install, and install incorrectly. It also
    meets Mil-spec ratings as well. Your choices are limited in this area.
  3. Blythe Noe

    Blythe Noe Guest

    Thanks for your input: I am not installing to UL specs. and really
    need only the audio detectors, not a full-blown audio system. There
    must be a good quality Audio Detector out there somewhere, in the
    $50-$100 range. Thank you.
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