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JVC RX-401 part ID

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Bill Renfro, Dec 12, 2004.

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  1. Bill Renfro

    Bill Renfro Guest

    I need to know the value of D815 and D816 in a JVC RX401 receiver.
    I know they are zener diodes, but I do not know the voltage.

    Christian Technology
  2. Pathogen

    Pathogen Guest

    ya could buy a drawing from Sams
  3. If they're associated with the lamp circuit I think they were 12 volt
    zeners. Pretty much parallel the lamps, but when the lamps go the zeners go.

    Mark Z.
  4. Guest

    I worked on some JVC video stuff a few years back and needed some IC
    protectors. There was a number I called for a center tech support and a
    manager there read the schematic on the piece I was working on and sent
    me a bunch of those protectors!!
    Unfortunately I lost that # . Maybe you can find it here or be lead to

  5. Bill Renfro

    Bill Renfro Guest

    Thanks Mark,
    I had trouble with the news server and while I was waiting for it to be
    resolved, I tried different values. It was my personal unit not a
    customers. You are correct they are in the lamp circuit. The display was
    never very bright from day one. I started with 6 volt zeners, no display.
    Moved to 8 volt, very dim. Next tried 10 volt zeners, normal brightness
    (which was not great to start with). Then for fun I tried 12 volt zeners,
    instead of a brighter display, which I expected, the display was dimmer than
    with the 10 volt diodes.
    Bill Renfro
    Christian Technology
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