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JVC camcorder gr-axm17u - fails to power on

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Apr 19, 2007.

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    JVC compact VHS camcorder GR-AXM17U

    This camera was given to me by a friend to repair, the problem is
    that it would not power up.
    Turns out the A/C adapter cord was in need of repair and his father
    decided to 'fix' it. Unfortunately he reversed the polarity and, upon
    testing, it killed the camcorder. The repair cost was to be more than
    the price of the camcorder, and that brings us back to the start.
    After finding zero info on the net, I took matters into my own hands
    and disassembled the camcorder looking for a fuse to replace. (not
    recommended for most people) So heres the meat of this post, there are
    fuses inside, about 5 or so, marked with an exclamation point in a
    triangle, printed on the board in white. The fuses will be numbered
    F#### and are very tiny, (I thought they where diodes at first),
    testing with a DMM I found continuity through all but one labeled
    F6001. The way I repaired it was to 'piggyback' a tiny amount of
    solder onto the top of it. This is not a repair, is certainly not
    recommended, and if a problem arises again my damage the camcorder
    beyond repair. Anyway it works great, and I needed the camcorder to
    record my first attempt at pond skimming on a snowboard, so hope this
    helps someone.
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