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How to Polish Glass to Get Rid of Frosting

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by [email protected], Sep 20, 2004.

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  1. Guest

    Our "students" AKA taggers like to use some kind of frosting pencil to
    graffiti up the mirrors. I'd like to find a way to polish the glass
    so that this frosting becomes shiny glass again. I've thought about
    rouge. But would something like a clear acrylic or similar make it
    shiny? Thanks.
  2. CWatters

    CWatters Guest

    If they really have scratched the glass then it's a lot of work to fix. You
    have to polish the whole surface down to the bottom of the deepest scratch
    and then repeat with finer and finer compound.

    Perhaps their marks are some kind of paint? Try using a scalpel to scrape a
    section in a corner somewhere. If you can chip a littos of the frosting off
    then it's on the surface of the glass and not cut into it. In which case you
    need to find a suitable solvent for the stuff. You may have to try several
    different things. Paint stripper may work - it's unlikely to effect the good
    parts of the glass but make sure it doesn't drip onto other surfaces as it's
    nasty stuff.
  3. Richard

    Richard Guest

    These pens contain hydrofluoric acid:
    "Vandals are increasingly using acid etching pens to damage store
    windows. Often an auto glass repair shop can buff out the etching, but
    you'll be left with distortion. If you find that your glass has been
    etched, DO NOT TOUCH as the acid could burn you. Rinse the area with
    lots of water to stop the acid working. Then you will need to decide
    whether to replace the glass or have it buffed."
    that was from:

    and this site about hydrofluoric acid exposure:

    So if it's not too deep you could polish it out like polishing a
    telescope mirror with finer grades of rouge. Extreme exposure to
    hydrofluoric acid can actually cut grooves in the glass!

    You could overcoat with polycarbonate but then they'd probably go back
    to emery paper.

  4. No, I'm not talking about scrratches. They're nowhere near as visible
    as the frosting pens.
    scrape a

    No, it's some kind of etching pencil, so after awhile the glass becomes
    We have spray cans of graffiti remover, which is just such a stuff. It
    removes paint no problem. But this isn't paint.
  5. Thanks for the good info. I figured rouge would do something, but I
    didn't think it would take that much work to buff it out. Maybe it
    would just be better to use more etching pencil and make cute Xmasy
    patterns all over the mirror, like holly leaves, etc. :0)
  6. CWatters

    CWatters Guest

  7. Mr Fed UP

    Mr Fed UP Guest

    I'd chuck the mirrors in the trash and let them look at each other.
    What next acid tagging people for moving adverts?
    Maybe they can figure out a way to do it in color.
    Sorry... just fed up with bad behavior from everyone including so called
    Then they raise my taxes to pay for this crap and send the mental morons to
    "behavior camp"
    UGH I give... glad my days here are numbered.
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