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GFCI Query

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Den Murray, Jan 6, 2004.

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  1. Den Murray

    Den Murray Guest

    Hi Group

    It's my understanding that if a ground fault circuit interuptor is miswired
    with the polarity reversed, then the GFCI will not trip. Is my
    understanding correct, and if so, why is this. Would this apply equally (I
    assume that it must!) to portable (plug-in) GFCI's?


  2. deanmk

    deanmk Guest


    I good write up on how a GFCI works, however the statement that a "...GFCI
    opens the circuit and limits the current to no more then 6 ma..." is not
    quite accurate. There is nothing in the GFCI circuitry that limits
    physically limits current. Your write in the second paragraph and the TCC
    graph for the LM 1851 shows a fault current of 200ma @0.02 sec is possible
    before the device would trip. Maybe a minor point, but in the past I have
    had to caution workers that were using power tools at heights that the
    initial shock may cause them to lose balance or drop the tool both which can
    have serious consequences.

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