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Flickering LEDs

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Cliff Hartle, Dec 11, 2011.

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  1. Cliff Hartle

    Cliff Hartle Guest

    Pretty sure I have posted this before, but has anyone ever seen the
    flickering LEDs they use in tea light candles by themselves?

    I just need the led not everthing else like the 2032 batteries or the case
    like if I bought them from a store.
  2. Kaz Kylheku

    Kaz Kylheku Guest

    LOL! There is no such LED. The candle-like flickering is produced by current
    variations by the circuit. (The circuit and the LED may be tightly integrated
    onto one board, but the LED is still just a non-flickering device.)

    Do you know how to use a search engine? I found this in three seconds:

    Here, the author takes apart the tealight, removing the LED from the circuit
    board, and taps the signal to drive the internal LED in an optocoupler.

    The output of the optocoupler is used to drive a power MOSFET which in turn
    causes a whole array of LED's to flicker.

    A PDF circuit diagram is given (but not for the flickering circuit,
    just for the mod.)
  3. Cliff Hartle

    Cliff Hartle Guest

    Yes I can get them from Dollar tree but I need around 60 or so and and like
    I posted I don't need the switch and the case and the 2032 battery
  4. Cliff Hartle

    Cliff Hartle Guest

    Yes I can goggle and have seen that mod but they no longer make them that
    way there is no extra circuit board . Just a battery, a case, a switch and
    teh LED. Oh and a piece of plastic that looks like a flame.
  5. Cliff Hartle

    Cliff Hartle Guest

    Here is what I want to do.

    I have 3 or 4 sets of candles for our Xmas tree. They are standard miniture
    120 ac lights on top of a small plastic candles with clips that attach them
    to the branches. They are a bit finiky and the bulbs get loose and I would
    love to replace them with LED.

    Even though I bought them years ago at Hechingers I found them again.

    My first thought was to hack up an existing LED string but thought the
    flickering led would look better. I would also love to make it DC. Most AC
    LED Xmas lights don't use a bridge rectifier so if you move you head back
    and forth they kind of strobe.
  6. Cliff Hartle

    Cliff Hartle Guest

    Well, if you need 60 of them, then for about $7.50 a pop and over a man-
    Not sure if I made myself clear, I don't want to make my own set of Tes
    lights I want to use the same LED that they use to make a set of candle xmas
    lights into flickering LED's vs the minature 12volt lights they are now.

    So either I can get the LED component loose by itself or just gut some pre
    made tea lights.
  7. Cliff Hartle

    Cliff Hartle Guest

    When I found this site I was like where has this site been all my life. It
    only took me year.

    I so want an Egg Bot. Also the mini breadboards look something I would

    They also have a ton of stuff to do with their stuff. Like using the
    flicker LED to drive a 1W LED to make real fire light. I had a project last
    year where I needed "stage fire" in a Sousaphone. I could have hooked up
    some small multi LED flashlights and have been set.

    I spent all afternoon reading and checking out their youtube videos. I
    better be carful before I get fired. :)
  8. Cliff Hartle

    Cliff Hartle Guest

    Well if you see my last post you will see I found a source and much more.

    One thing I found in my research was someone gutted a LED tea light and it
    was one with the external chip. They hooked it up to a mini speaker and it
    played "Happy Birthday". Seems they used surplus musical birthday chips to
    make their fire.
  9. Jasen Betts

    Jasen Betts Guest

    Problably Disney sued, and they couldn't do anything audio with their "happy
    birthday" chips.
  10. Guest

    s/Disney/Time Warner/
  11. Cliff Hartle

    Cliff Hartle Guest

    Yes Warner does own the copyright, Warner/Chappell. Not Disney, not Time
  12. Guest

  13. Cliff Hartle

    Cliff Hartle Guest

    Opps Warner/Chappell or what ever it is now appears to be part of what ever
    Time Warner is now.
  14. Cliff Hartle

    Cliff Hartle Guest

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