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Diagnostic s/w for spdif

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Dirk Bruere at NeoPax, Apr 18, 2012.

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  1. I have a problem on an AV system.
    I want to use a prog of my own on the system that uses the spdif.
    However something is holding the spdif and I cannot access it.
    Does anyone know of any diagnostic s/w that will tell me exactly what
    prog or service is tying up the spdif, or alternatively is there any way
    of freeing it?
  2. Les Cargill

    Les Cargill Guest

    I'd guess you have it set as the default audio out. I forget
    the exact term for this - WAVE MAPPER or whatever...

    If not, uninstall and reinstall the device. If you can do what you need
    done with it uninstalled...
  3. Yes - sorry.
    It's Win7 embedded.
    I am trying to use VST and output over spdif, however something seems to
    be using it already. There's a big mix of AV s/w that might be
    interfering and I am not in a position to uninstall all of it.

    All the right boxes in the OS and apps seem to be ticked but something
    is obviously not right.
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