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Daewoo DP-42SM 42" plasma not working...Defect?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by joey2_k, May 20, 2005.

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  1. joey2_k

    joey2_k Guest

    HI. I have a Daewoo DP-42SM 42" plasma that just stopped working. When
    I turn it on with the remote, the green power light turns on BUT that
    is it. It makes no noise and there is no display.

    I've noticed that this is a fairly common problem with this particular

    I took my display to a Daewoo authorized service center and they wanted
    $800 to get it fixed. The technician also said that it was difficult
    contacting Daewoo technicians. And, that the technician he spoke to,
    said that he had never heard of this problem before. (This seems very

    Any suggestions on what might be the problem. I'm sure there's someone
    who got theirs fixed having this same problem.

    Also, I am doing more research on this and would like to get your email
    if you have had the same problem. This might be a factory defect and we
    would need to have Daewoo recall the plasmas.

    I will be writing a formal letter to Daewoo in regards to this concern.

    Please fel free to email me at

    Jose Z.
  2. Guest

    There is no way you will get them to 'recall' the plasmas. The only
    reason they would issue a recall fix is if there were a safety related
    problem. Since you bought one of the cheapest brands, expect little to
    no help if you tried to get them to cover the repair after the warranty
    is up.

    The fact that the unit goes to a green light no display as a common
    symptom, does not mean it is a common problem. The unit has multiple
    internal protect circuits and if there is a fault in any of the 30 or
    so detect lines, it will exhibit the same symptom to the end user.

    It sounds really fishy to me being a technician that an owner would
    think that this is a fairly common problem without even knowing
    anything about the internals of the failure of his unit, or any others
    that has a similar symptom.
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