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Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Stuart York, Oct 26, 2003.

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  1. Stuart York

    Stuart York Guest

    I plan to completely rewire my 28ft steel hulled pleasure fishing boat over
    the winter. Can anyone direct me to a site that can help me with circuit

    Thanks in Advance

    (N.E. Coast of England).
  2. Derek Ellis

    Derek Ellis Guest

    Hi Stuart,
    Try these sites to help you visualise your requirements.

    The second to last demonstrates how cutting costs with the wrong type of
    wire will lead to problems very quickly. Ensure you use tinned copper wiring
    products. See the last link for example cable.

    I have just completed overhauling the electrics on a 22ft boat built 1985.
    The original wiring system was well harnessed with each individual wire
    correctly numbered at each end but standard copper wire (not tinnned) was
    used and every wire had corroded black almost throughout it's length.
    Whereever it was cut the copper was black and difficult to make good
    connections to.


    Dez Ellis
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