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CD player problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Binder Dundat, Mar 31, 2007.

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  1. I have an "older" Sony CDP c505 5 disc player that has sound problems
    as you go past track 3 or 4 (or to the outer edge of the CD itself) it
    is kind of like cutting in and out and distortion ? Any adjustements I
    can do to make this go away?
  2. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    First check that the sled movement is absolutely free - that there is no no
    grease on the slides that has gone 'sticky'. Problem could also be the sled
    motor, the spindle motor, possibly the laser itself (make sure that the lens
    is absolutely clean and shiny), or the surface mount electrolytics on the
    servo board that are known trouble causers on the older Sonys. It is
    unlikely that your problem can be cured by adjustment. Do not attempt random
    adjustment, as this is only likely to compound the problem.

  3. Could also be a gear with a missing tooth - I had a Sony Discman which
    had that problem, about 20 minutes into a disc it would get stuck at one
    spot and just keep repeating. The missing gear tooth was on the drive
    which moved the optical pickup from the centre to the edge during play.
  4. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    Quite so, I'd forgotton that one, but you will of course pick up that
    problem when checking the sled for freedom of movement. Another fairly
    common one that can cause the same problem, is a split in the nylon pinion
    on the shaft of the sled motor. If you push the sled manually down the
    slides, you can feel it go bump-bump-bump as the gears rotate. Nothing can
    be done about that one, except to replace the pinion from a scrap deck.

  5. Rob Mills

    Rob Mills Guest

    grease on the slides that has gone 'sticky'.<<<

    What's a good lube to use on the slides and etc.? I have a c335 that's
    working okay now but due to age probably should be opened up cleaned/checked
    and re-lubed.

    Thoughts??? RM~
  7. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    The official stuff is called "floil". It's a white synthetic lubricant a
    little thicker than light oil, but thinner than you would usually consider
    as 'grease'. I have an aerosol can of a light synthetic machine oil called
    "CMO" (Clear Machine Oil) made by Electrolube. It's a little thicker than
    sewing machine oil, and has very good 'cling' characteristics on chrome
    plated slide rods, and seems to lubricate nylon against metal quite
    acceptably. It is also absorbed readily into phosphor bronze 'oilite' type
    bearings that are found on sled and spindle motors, and sometimes on the
    laser slide rod bearing surfaces. It is a good all-round product for all the
    lubrication jobs on a CD / DVDdeck, and I have used it for just this, on a
    daily basis, for some years.

  8. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

  9. b

    b Guest

    Sorry to hijack this thread. Just remembered something. ARFA: I have
    an ONKYO cd player gathering dust with this cracked sled pinion
    problem; any ideas on sourcing a replacement or shall I just toss it?
    (it's not a 'high end' deck anyway).
  10. Rob Mills

    Rob Mills Guest

    Sounds good, might even be good for printer rail also.
    Thanks, RM~
  11. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    Hi B

    I have found that in general, most of the pinions are about the same size,
    and you can usually get away with + / - one tooth without noticing a
    problem. The shaft size is close enough on all of the motors that are
    currently used. Most come from the Mitsumi stable anyway. I keep a junk box
    with a variety of old decks for exactly the reason of culling odd little
    parts like this, that would otherwise write off a perfectly good item. If
    you don't have such a thing yourself, it would be worth paying a visit to
    any local repair shop that you might still have near you. They are sure to
    have piles of scrap CD and DVD players out back, that they would be happy
    for you to relieve them of. Another possibility might be an old computer CD
    drive ? Local waste tip also ? I see lots of the cheapo little supermarket
    hifis dumped at my local recycling centre. Often, these have a CD player in
    the top, and just by opening the lid, you can see if the deck is in any way
    similar enough to yours to have a part that you can use. I don't see much
    Onkyo stuff, so I don't recall much about the decks that they use, but many
    manufacturers just use 'off the shelf' Sony or Sanyo decks, so you might
    even find the exact same one in the last place you might expect.

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