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CD player carriage playing up

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by GreatBigHippy, Feb 17, 2004.

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  1. Got a CD player with an odd problem. I checked repair faq but nothing
    really to help there.
    The CD will detect fine. As soon as you go to play it will attept to
    read but then fail a few times and stop.
    I took the thing apart and replaced the CD assembly with another one
    from a different unit that was working but am getting the same
    problem. All the processing circuitry is on a seperate board,
    connected by the power lines and the ribbon for the data from the
    When play is pressed the CD goes to read but the lens carriage does
    not seem to be avle to get past a certain point and the motors sound
    like they are slipping. As the entire assembly was replaced I am sure
    the problem must be in the logic circuitry somewhere.
    The same thing happens if you try to skip to a certain track, it
    cannot get past this one point...
    The odd thingis if you give the carriage a little push then it will
    get past the stop point and read fine.
    Also, this unit has two CD player assmeblies in it, side by side, and
    the second one works fine.
    The only odd thing I have found was one resisitor that was badly
    soldered in, I can't say for sure what part of the circuit it is on
    though. This shouldn't cause the problem though as if the circuit was
    broken then it shouldn't work at all?
    If anyone has found anything similar to this I could really do with
    some help.
  2. Sofie

    Sofie Guest

    Sounds like you have done a good job describing your initial
    troubleshooting..... BUT it should be obvious that you must post the MAKE
    and MODEL NUMBER if you are hoping for anything close to a specific repair
    suggestion..... on the newsgroup here we can not see your CD player and we
    have absolutely no idea how your unit is built and the location of the
    different assemblies....... different models are not built the same.
  3. Hey ho,
    Cheers for the reply. Thought it might be a common problem as I have
    searched the forum for other players of this make and nothing came up.
    It is a Wharfedale WPC-318. Not bigin America I am to understand.
    Hopethis sheds somebright streaming lights on the situation.
    Many thanks,
  4. I appreciate that you've swapped mechanisms, but sometimes doing almost
    ANYTHING seems to fix a cd player for a while. The fact that nudging the
    mech got it past the skipping point suggests to me that it IS a mechanical
    problem after all. Maybe both mechs suffer from it and the second one just
    happened to "barely" work with the other board. I would examine the sled
    drive mech VERY closely. You might find a very small crack in the pinion
    gear (common problem, the small gear mounted directly on the sled motor
    shaft), or some other slight mechanical hang-up. The gears, sliders etc
    should be cleaned and re-lubed as needed. A small drop of light oil at the
    top bearing of the spindle motor wouldn't hurt either. General maintenance
    such as this fixes the majority of skipping problems.

    Mark Z.
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