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ATX power supply - heating coil too

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Repair' started by Leonardo C, Nov 11, 2015.

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  1. Leonardo C

    Leonardo C

    Nov 11, 2015
    Hello everybody, good afternoon.

    I have a mini-atx source working but with the coil heating up too much leaving it up with burnt smell.
    However it is working by powering the PC normally.
    How do I identify what is heating coil? Is it only the coil shorted?
  2. 73's de Edd

    73's de Edd

    Aug 21, 2015

    Sir Leonardo Ceeeeeeeeee . . . . .

    I do fully think k k k k k k, that you will be finding your problem to be the time related onset of a developed high ESR of the CENTER electrolytic capacitor, of the three shown in the foreground of your photo.
    If you have no ESR metering capabilities, just replace it with one of the same capacitance and voltage rating and a 105 degree temp rating .

    ALSO, make a "HIGH tech" . . . . ."digital" spot check / test of the other three.
    Run the unit for ~ 30 min to get all semis warmed up and then . . . AND THEN . . .
    You do a placing of a fingertip on top of a unit and then fully engage your neurological temperature, transverse, digital feed back detector to come up with a sample temperature and then move on to feel another to compare the different temps . . . .variant warm or hot ones are bad ones.

    Thasssitt . . . .

    73's de Edd

    Last edited: Nov 11, 2015
  3. Edgar Campos

    Edgar Campos

    Nov 19, 2015
    Well, I have heard that many ATX power supply shut down automatically if too much current is drawn.
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