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ac delco radio not keeping time

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by CROCDYLE, Mar 1, 2007.

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    CROCDYLE Guest

    I recently installed a GM acdelco factory radio in my s10 Model No
    everything works with exception of the button lights & the thing that
    really is annoying is The clock doesnt keep time FOR EXAMPLE I can
    the time to say 12:00 drive around for a half hour it will keep time
    and say 12:30 when I stop and shut motor off ill come out a half hour
    later start up and instead of saying 1:00 it will still say 12:30 and
    somtimes it even reverts back to its default of 1:00. But It keeps my
    radio stations in memory I can call up any preset stations I
    NOTE:this radio DOES NOT have a SET Button like some early 90s models
    it has an HR & Min Button. I had anouther radio same model it does
    samthing (CD doent work thats why I replaced) thats what lends me to
    think its something else I did. Also if u have any idea why the
    dont work tune and volume light works just buttons dont
  2. Check to see that it is wired so that the continous power wire on the radio
    is getting +12v when the ignition switch is in the off position.

    - Mike
  3. Dumb question but does the dome light work? Might not mean anything but the
    dome light is connected to a circuit which is always live and some radios
    take the current for the clock (and sometimes presets) from this circuit.

    Not all cars though.
  4. Ronbo

    Ronbo Guest

    Is it the correct radio for that vehicle? What year is the S10 and what
    years is the radio and what model did the radio come out of. They are
    not all the same. SOme GM radio clocks are updated by the Body Control
    Module through a serial data line. If u can tell me the connector
    configuration I can help you. If u can take a dig photo of the
    connectors even better.
  5. Gary Tait

    Gary Tait Guest

    You forgot to connect the two pin connector that has the orange and
    brown wires. If it is pre 1990. Or the fuse for that circuit is blown.
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