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Which H-Bridge?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Carson Baker, Feb 24, 2004.

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  1. Carson Baker

    Carson Baker Guest


    Could someone suggest a commercial motor driver that I could buy or some
    kind of plans to build my own (H-Bridge or whatever)? I need something that
    can handle 2 amps of current at 15V, be able to do braking (regenerative
    would be nice). One output with forward and reversible direction is enough.


    Carson Baker
  2. What you don't say, is whether you are just wanting 'full on' drives, or
    want a PWM speed control as well?.
    For a simple bridge, you'd have to go a long way to beat the L298. Though it
    is a dual unit, it is cheaper than many single drivers. It gives forward,
    reverse, free wheel, and brake using two control signals, and handles 4A, at
    46v max, with temperature protection 'built in'. It is important to remember
    that even if the motor only draws a particular current, a good margin is
    generally needed to handle the acceleration/deceleration currents, so the
    L298, may not be that much of an 'overkill'.

    Best Wishes
  3. CBarn24050

    CBarn24050 Guest

    L298 is perfect, but its little brother L293 would do as well if you combine
    the 2 channels so they share the load current.
  4. art hansen

    art hansen Guest

    for all of the L298 features, better power handling, plus internal pwm
    current control to handle inrush check out
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