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vhf antenna

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by wg992000, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. wg992000

    wg992000 Guest

    Looking for suggestions on mounting a vhf antenna to a fsihing arch. Have a
    21' WA with a fishing arch that sits aprox 6' above the deck. Want to mount
    the radio antenna, but am not crazy about having an 8' antenna whipping
    around up there.

    Would I loose a lot by going with 5' 3db antenna?

    Any problem with mounting antenna on metal arch?

    Does it need to be certain distance from external GPS antenna which will
    also be up there?

    Read somewhere - mount on port side - not sure why - maybe distance from

    Would appreciate any opinions? This groups been great in past.
  2. I mounted my 8' VHF antenna atop the wake board tower of my 19' bowrider;
    the only problem is the inconvenience reaching it to erect it for each
    outing and fold it when done. I have to step on the seat to get on the
    gunwale to reach it. But it works great. My wakeboard tower is a wannabe
    radar arch: it's got the VHF, radar, all around light and a patrol light -
    I'll add a radar reflector when I make a mount for it.
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