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TV tuning.

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by rodney, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. rodney

    rodney Guest

    Have an Orion VR20DN tv with video
    I have no remote, and can only get 2 stations.
    Any known tricks to tune? I can only see reg buttons
    no "menu" etc.
    Google only shows 1 site but restricted.
  2. Elmo

    Elmo Guest

    Get the kids to do it.

  3. rodney

    rodney Guest

    right, ok,
    now, anybody know of a lonely girl, who'd like to get married,
    and have kids,.......real fast?
  4. rodney

    rodney Guest

    Cheers Laurie :)
    thanks for your help, alas, no where near it,
    mine is (looks) a lot older, my only escape, I may try a generic
    "hold all" remote from Dick Smith perhaps.

    I have never encountered a more niggardly designed panel,
    the video player even lacks a "rewind" button :)

    another one for the dumpster, I think.
    Merry Christmas Laurie.
  5. rodney

    rodney Guest

    I couldn't find "warehouse" excepting Ireland :)
    Dick Smith's are $19 and $29 respectively.

    theings are changing...
    Replace Your Remote With A Wave Of A Hand
    An Australian scientist has invented new technology which allows
    you to use simple hand gestures to control your TV and other AV
    equipment rather than using a handheld remote control.
  6. Cheaper, easier, and quicker to just go buy yourself a huge new 60"
    set, and then you can watch whatever you want without being hassled to
    change the channel :->

  7. rodney

    rodney Guest

    Heh! thewarehouse! spaces, or lack of them are important when Googling

    We only have 2 stores in Perth, one down the country,
    and the other, just a 3 iron away!
    Cheers Laurie.
  8. rodney

    rodney Guest

    Thanks Dave, contact me off list, I'll email the address where you can send
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