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Toshiba CF3060K TV dead

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by john KB5AG, Oct 30, 2003.

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  1. john KB5AG

    john KB5AG Guest

    After 10 years of exemplary service, my Toshiba TV died.
    Seemed like a good excuse to buy a new one (and I did), but now I'd like to
    fix this one if I can. I do a lot of radio repair, but haven't been much
    for TV repair.

    Nothing extraordinary happened, it just refused to turn on one day. Pushing
    the power button activates a relay inside, and I can hear a switching power
    supply whine, but the power light won't light, and there's no other sign of
    life. I've looked inside and there's no sign of any smoky IC's or
    transistors. All the fuses I can find are good.

    So I have a couple of questions to help me get started:

    1. Is this a fairly common failure symptom for this set, and is it "usually
    that 2nd IC on the left", or shall I just get down to basic troublshooting?

    2. What would be a good source for a service manual or schematic for this
    one? I tried Tritronics but it seemed to be No Longer Available.

    Any help will be appreciated!

    John KB5AG
  2. Probably want to check the obvious like power supply voltages, open fuses,
    shorted components, etc. Due to the age you may find many of the
    electrolytic caps that have just failed due to age, using an esr meter will
    assist in checking them. Prime suspect initially would be to check the horiz
    output for shorts and see if the power on relay at least clicks when
    pressing the power button. The relay clicks indicate you at least have
    standby, the rest will be a matter of finding what is causing the rest of
    the set to not operate. If the picture quality was good before failure it
    may be worth attempting to repair the set. 73"s
  3. Bill Jr

    Bill Jr Guest

    This model has a high failure rate for the yoke.
    The description you gave would lead me to this circuit area.
    Unfortunately, the yoke is bonded for this model so it's off to the junk
    pile unless you are lucky.
    Take the back off and see if you can determine if the yoke is sizzling when
    it tries to start up.

    Good Luck,

    Bill Jr
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