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Too short ATR from smartcard

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Aug 10, 2005.

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    I got an asynchronous smartcard (simple SLE kindof) from a vendor to do

    some testing to get a unique ID from the card. I thought the best way
    to start was trying to pull an ATR from the card but didn't get more
    than three 10-bit-characters from the card. The vendor didn't really
    tell me what kind of card it is exactly.

    What I see is that the ATR is given by the card when I make Reset go
    low (instead of high?). Seems okay to trigger the ATR. From every 10
    bits I ignore the first(start) and last(parity) for now.

    This is the ATR I get at the moment. Not more than 3 bytes.
    Inverted clock-pulses.
    Seems wrong because of the 7F.

    I toggle the clock-line in code line-for-line. But luckily clock-delays

    don't effect the data read.

    Any SLE or ATR-masters out there? Does 3 bytes seem allright to you?
    What do they mean and what next? :-/
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