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The Wave of the Future!

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Leonard Abbott, Jun 7, 2008.

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  1. The Wave of the Future!

    There is enough energy in a 1,000 foot long ground swell to lift a
    27,000 ton supper tanker 10'.

    Un like the tides that rise and fall every 12 hrs, waves rise and fall
    every 30 seconds.
    That means there is enough energy in waves to raise and lower a Supper
    ship 120 times every hour.

    Waves then are a 1000 times more effective than tides for generating

    With the new ''Wave Buster'' technology most electricity should come
    from the surf.

    There is nothing more beautiful than waves crashing on a rocky coast.
    but there are 1,000s of places where waves ar not desirable. Waves are
    causing erosion in some places, and beauty must be ignored, in favor of

    It is here where future electricity from the sea will be generated. In
    fact the cost of building Wave Buster power plants could be passed on
    because of other needs.

    It will be a win win situation for Governments that decide to build
    these off shore power plants. Not only can they be used to reduce beach
    erosion, They will increase fish population to feed millions, provide
    increased recreation, a fishing pear, provide offshore platforms for
    wind generating power plants, and even offshore luxury hotels with boat

    Ane we haven't even mentioned reduce CO² emissions, by reducing the
    dependency of coal and using $150 a barrel of imported oil to generate

    Perhaps $150 a barral oil, will prove to be exactly what the world
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