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Sony Multiscan E500: overbright problem. Solution #1

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Starflex, Mar 29, 2007.

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  1. Starflex

    Starflex Guest

    Hi to everybody.
    Some days ago, with the help of "Ken", I had discovered that this monitors
    (and many others manufactured by Dell, HP, IBM, Compaq, with the same
    "Sony-Trinitron" tube) are affected by a problem, also know as "Overbright"
    or "washed colours".
    There are two solutions: the first one (that is the solution that I have
    adopted this evening) is very simple: changing only a resistor.
    The second one, a little more complex, is based on a software and requires a
    reflashing of the eeprom of the monitor.

    I have tried (because is very simple, and inexpensive, only 10 Eurocents)
    the first. I have changed a resistor from 10 Mohm to 6,8 Mohm.
    See this link:

    This is the first, simp,e solutions.
    Results: good.
    The monitor appear with correct colours, black in "black" and not grey
    washed. I have some problems with the geometry of the screen and the
    convergence..but I think that is a problem of my monitor.

    Coming soon: the second solution, based on reflashing of the eeprom.
  2. Ken

    Ken Guest

    Good to hear that it worked for you. Good luck on the convergence
    problem. It is always good to solve ALL other problems before attacking
    that type of problem, as often they too will be solved.
  3. Starflex

    Starflex Guest

    Hi Ken!
    Yes. I think, too....
    In fact, I don't ant spent lot of time now to solve the problem of the
    convergence and geometry before flashing the eeprom.
    Moreover, probably WINDAS had some feature that help me to correct this
    When I can use it, I'll post the new results!
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