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sola power conditioners

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by sideshow bob, May 12, 2005.

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  1. sideshow bob

    sideshow bob Guest

    im looking for some cap's for my
    2 power conditioners model
    SOLA series 200 and 210.
    the cap's are 16uf 660volt AC
    large mettel can type like in
    microwave ovens.

  2. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "sideshow bob"

    ** Farnell in One have 440 volt AC, polypropylene caps in metal, stud
    mounting cases.

    A 15 uF sells for $ 35 + gst.

    ............... Phil
  3. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

    A 660Vac rated capacitor will generally be rated at somewhere around
    2500 - 2700Vdc depending upon the manufacturer. Unless there is some
    specific reason for such a high rating then perhaps you could use a
    450Vac rated capacitor. 660Vac caps are not so easy to find in small

    Wiltronics have 15uF, 450Vac polypropylene cap at $13.52 ea.

    Acecorp has 16uF, 450Vac MKP @$11.60.
  4. sideshow bob

    sideshow bob Guest

    it has to be 660volt AC, i took a reading
    has over 600volts.

  5. Hi

    I also have a Sola Series 200 power conditioner, I recovered from a
    skip outside a printing factory down the road.

    It appears to basically function ie power goes in, power comes out -
    whether it is in any way 'conditioned' I don't know.

    I was hoping to use it in conjunction with a small GMC alternator I
    picked up from Bunnings for $98. This unit is rated at 750W and runs
    very nicely. The only problem is that under light loads (under about
    150W), the output voltage heads for around 260 - 270 volts.

    Unfortunately the output from the Sola tends to follow the input
    voltage, so I am not sure if this is a fault or whether the unit is
    simply not designed to regulate voltage. All that is in the unit is a
    large capacitor and a very large transformer.

    If anyone has any details and / or a diagram of the unit, I will be
    very grateful for a copy.


    Dave Goldfinch
  6. David Segall

    David Segall Guest

    I could not find the Australian site. It seems Sola has been taken
    over. However I did find some detailed information here:
    I bought a used one that was intended to protect my computer but the
    ferroresonant transformer makes an intolerable noise for home or
    office use. I guess that's not an issue if it is next to a generator.
  7. sideshow bob

    sideshow bob Guest

    it's the cap's that do the magic.
    the transformer has 2 magnetic paths.
    the mains is isolated, the eath is not.
  8. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

    Sola has been amalgamated under the Powerware brand name and the
    distributing company is now called Power-On Australia

    A precis of the amalgamation is given here
  9. Thanks for that.

    Maybe the unit is operating within specs, I really need a variac to
    prove the point.

    Mine also makes an annoying buzz, but as you say, next to the
    generator this is not a problem !

    I would very much like to see a diagram of how the windings on the
    transformer are configured - I can sort of trace the circuit, but I
    have no way of knowing if there are shorts between windings or whether
    the continuity I see between terminals is as designed.

    Dave Goldfinch
  10. David Segall

    David Segall Guest

    You are welcome to borrow mine. By comparing the two you should get a
    good idea if yours is working properly and that you have traced the
    circuit correctly. I'm in Melbourne eastern suburbs. Sorry, I won't
    post it to you even if you could afford the postage :) Email me at
    david at segall dot net.
  11. sideshow bob

    sideshow bob Guest

    as soon as i get them back i will
    trace the circuit, ill see if i can work it out.

    you will fined that the output eath is
    tied to the N side on secondry.

    but still looking for the cap.s
  12. Thanks for the offer. Unfortunately I wont be taking you up on it, I
    am in Perth !

    Dave Goldfinch
  13. sideshow bob

    sideshow bob Guest

    i think i have worked it out.

    on the secondry the first tap of the
    winding is connected to one side of the caps
    the next tap gos to the N output and tied to earth.
    next tap gos to the A output.
    next tap gos to the end of the next winding.
    the end of that winding gos to the other end
    of the caps.
    the primery winding is isolated.

    this mite not be exact
    between the first tap and second tap
    is 90volt, between second tap and 3rd
    is youre out put 240volt, between 3rd and
    4th 90volt, that links to 3rd winding, that
    should have 240volt accross it, caps should
    have 660volt accross them.
    will not work properly without them.
  14. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    Try Adilam:


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