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SeaTalk update rate

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Frank, Feb 1, 2004.

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  1. Frank

    Frank Guest

    Hi group,

    I have a question concerning the update rate of a SeaTalk bus.

    I have a GPS ( NMEA ), a ST60 tridata ( SeaTalk ) and a SeaTalk Autopilot.

    In order to exchange Data between NMEA <-> Seatalk I built a
    single chip computer ( Atmega32 ).

    Ok - now i can translate NMEA Sentences to SeaTalk datagrams and
    vice versa.
    The GPS sends its information about ever two seconds.
    But how often should i sent data to the SeaTalk bus.

    My boat is somewhere far away in in winter storage. So currently
    i can't just go to the boat and check myself.

    Currently my software just sends updates to seatalk, whenever
    NMEA data changes ( And vice versa ).
    But when the boat stands still, the speed or position
    never changes. This can't be correct - i guess.

    So - if somone out there knows how often instuments on SeaTalk transmit
    data - please let me know.


    btw. Hardware and Software are NOT RAEDY. I'm still working on it.
    But - if someone is interested and would like to continue progamming
    on it or just playing with it - It's free.
    On you can find more about software and hardware.
  2. Use NMEA Talker for testing available on I do as well!
    What is the difference between your product and available from Raymarine
    apart I hope from the cost.

    Gerard van Toornenberg, N 52° 51.355' E 005° 41.835' , Lemmer, Nederland

  3. Frank

    Frank Guest

    Thank you for your reply
    This will help me with the NMEA Part.
    But my current major problem is on the SeaTalk side.
    How often should i send my SeaTalk datagrams.

    Well - if it's only the cost - it would be enough for me :)

    No - it's hobby, understanding things, beeing able to make it myself.

    AND - I have the source codes. I can change and expand it to whatever I
    I personally don't need any sentencetype Raymarine's NMEA Bridge has.
    But I would like to have other functions. And I wouldn't get them from the
    Raymarine device. Like - switch on diffrent lights, when i press the Light
    button on my ST60. Or ring a louder alarm bell, wenn low water alarm goes
    off. .... or things like that.

  4. Frank

    Frank Guest

    Sorry - i made a mistake

    I wrote :
    but i mean
    I personally don't need ALL THE sentencetypes that Raymarine's NMEA Bridge
    can handle.

  5. Open the RayMarine sensor and see what's going on inside.

    I had an AutoHelm ST50 compass on a previous boat, and had a screwy
    problem like that - the internal gimbals had got tangled somehow, so
    the sensor was being held at some strange angle. It was easily fixed,
    once I could see inside.

    Peter Bennett, VE7CEI
    peterbb (at)
    new newsgroup users info :
    GPS and NMEA info:
    Vancouver Power Squadron:
  6. Frank

    Frank Guest

    Meindert Sprang wrote:

    Right - but as I a wrote, i don't have a SeaTalk instument here.

    May Boat is sitting dry in winter storage. And I would like to continue my
    And all I have on Board is Speed/Depth/Water Temperature and an Autopilot -
    all Instruments that don't work without Water.
    I guess i'll do that.

    Ok. I will try with sending every time NMEA data come in.

    Good thought !!

    Thank's for your help

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