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REQ: Info on old electronic industrial balancer

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Matt J. McCullar, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. Got a 1950's-era Electronic Industrial Balancer, made by Stewart Warner, but
    have no documentation. It's a vacuum-tube rig and I'm trying to
    troubleshoot it, but without a schematic it's a bit difficult for a tech
    like me. I telephoned the Stewart Warner company, but their tech support
    told me that the branch of their company that handled industrial gauges and
    such was sold off decades ago and they have no documentation left.

    Here's the data from the nameplate:

    Stewart Warner
    Electronic Industrial Balancer
    Model #329108

    Thanks muchly!

    Matt J. McCullar

  2. If its tube, and 50 years old it's likely full of paper capacitors
    that develop leakage, over time. That causes too much current to flow
    through the tubes, and can also cause resistors to overheat and change
    value, or open completely.

    Service to my country? Been there, Done that, and I've got my DD214 to
    prove it.
    Member of DAV #85.

    Michael A. Terrell
    Central Florida
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