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PCB drill bits

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Fonz, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. Fonz

    Fonz Guest

    Good morning all.
    Just wondering if anyone knows of a source of PCB drill bits that's local
    ie:australia/Melbourne sized at .5-.6mm with a 3-3.2 shank. I think they're
    called turbo bits. I have a drill press which is perfectly alligned, bit
    only takes a 2mm shank or larger. I have a mini-chuck which wobbles
    everywhere and is breaking bits. A 3.0-3.2 would be perfect, but I can only
    find some from England, reground at 15-00 for eight plus shipping.
    Thanks in advance,
  2. RS Components have both 0.5mm and 0.6mm carbide bits:

    And Computronics have 0.6mm too:

  3. **As David suggested, use the carbide bits. You'll never look back. Don't
    even THINK about using the bits with a handheld drill though. They are
    extremely brittle.

    Trevor Wilson
  4. I used to buy mine from braemac, but that was many years ago now.
    They used to come shipped in a hard red plastic storage case too. They
    were genuine tungsten carbide too, so always sharp and always
  5. Robbo

    Robbo Guest Pretty sure the shank is

    In Perth rather than Melbourne. Last time I bought something the delivery
    fee (Perth metro) was about $5.50. Order delivery takes 2 or 3 days. As
    mentioned by others carbide bits are very fragile, I've gone back to HSS
    (which blunt very quickly).
  6. James

    James Guest

    Are these the reground ones you are referring to?

    There is no mention of them being reground in the ad, but hey, who knows,
    they do seem cheap.

    I gave up on the mini chuck idea and made a collet to hold the HSS bits
    because they are easily and quickly obtainable. They do go blunt bloody
    quick though producing a rough edge.

  7. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    Go to Kalex in Melbourne ( Small business and good

  8. Fonz

    Fonz Guest

    Thanks to all who replied. The cheapest of all were the computronics, at
    $3.20 per unit. +GST, BUT, they have a minimum $20-00 delivery fee.
    Kalex are at $4.65 each, but I don't know if they have a 1/8th shank. I
    spoke to a lady on the telephone who had a poor understaning of English, and
    couldn't help, and said they would call back. I'm going to drive down there
    (About 30minutes drive), and check for myself.
    Thanks again all.
  9. Adam S

    Adam S Guest

    Yep, all carbide bits have 1/8" (3.175mm) shank, I think this is an
    industry standard left from the old imperial days. Beware, drill bits >
    3.175mm , the price jumps to from $4.65 to > $10 ~ $15. I got one 3.3mm
    just for PCB screw holes.
    Kalex prices
  10. Fonz

    Fonz Guest

    Went to Kalex and picked up the bits. $4.65 Incl GST. They had two shelves
    of bits.
    Very friendly lady and happy to spend time with you. Most of their work is
    for schools and education/uni's.
    Tried the bits out yesterday and they run straight as, and cut like butter.
    Regards, Rob.
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