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Old ADI and BB databooks - free to a good home (Boston area)

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Stephan Goldstein, May 2, 2007.

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  1. With an upcoming office move (for, of all things, replacing the
    stupid carpets!) I've contemplated the shelves and realized it's
    been a long long time since I've opened these. I have Analog
    Devices books from 1978 (the larger-size ones) through 1996
    basically complete, plus Burr-Brown for roughly the same period.
    Sorry, I'm keeping the various ADI applications manuals, I'm
    only giving away the databooks.

    Free to anyone willing to come get them, or at least come close.
    Located in Wilmington, MA. Please send me a private email, but
    *there is no ham in my real email address*. I'll be in meetings
    much of the next two days so may be a bit slow to reply, but on
    the other hand I don't expect to be overwhelmed by takers.

    I don't want to put these in the recycling, but could use the
    shelf space. Surely someone can't pass them up at this price :)

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