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Newbie with lots of plans...

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Moojundai, Dec 28, 2003.

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  1. Moojundai

    Moojundai Guest

    Hi there!

    I had some troubles finding you, but Nothing40 helped me in the right
    direction :eek:)

    I'm a newbie, that has been dreaming for som while, and the local county
    wouldn't let me put up a real windmill, because the old 1970's aiport plans
    still prevent anything tall enough.

    Plan B is started, and I've bought a Marlec 915 12v windgenerator, several
    houndred metres og 6mm2 wire and aprox. 250 LED's mostly white.
    My plan is to start with transforming the two stables and my workshop to
    12volts, incl. lights, watering, electrical fence, ventilation aso.

    Later I'm planning to bring 12v into the house, convert my computer and try
    to use 12v as much as possible.

    I'm thinking about building a larger windgenerator buy converting a car
    generator (buy the generator and prop, and build the rest my self.

    Anybody with similar plans?
  2. Moojundai

    Moojundai Guest

    How about an 8 metre flagpole?
    Who would be able to se the difference between a red ball and a wind
    generator on top ;o)

    I've thought about using this foundation for a windgenerator:

  3. No One

    No One Guest

    I'm a newbie, that has been dreaming for som while, and the local county
    How about a vertical wind mill?
  4. Guest

    visit and scroll down to the discussion board link.
    You will find lots of good information on the windmill subject.
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