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Newbie electret questions from electronman,

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by electronman, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. electronman

    electronman Guest

    Newbie Electret questions from electronman,

    I have a Sony T8 electret microphone with 3 connectors. I'm assuming
    that one is positive, one is negative, and one is the signal(?).
    There are 3 colored wires: red, white, and blue, coming from the tape
    recorder, which is now disconnected from the mike. The wire diameter
    is probably 1/2 of standard 22 gauge. I'm going to build a pre-amp
    to insert between the mike and the 3 colored leads to substantially
    improve the gain. My questions are: 1) given the very tiny size of
    the mike connectors and the very small gauge wire, what kind of
    soldering iron (tip?) will I need to be able to make a good solder
    connection? 2) how much danger is there that the heat from the iron
    will damage the mike? 3) I've never seen wire that small: where can I
    even purchase some? 4) given the 3 colored wires, how do I determine
    which colored wire should be connected to which mike connector? The
    mike configuration looks like this:

    1 2
    .. .
  2. kell

    kell Guest

    You could upload your photo to a free web-based photo service and post
    a link to it. has a free service. maybe snapfish
    does too.
  3. jasen

    jasen Guest

    without knowing who made it it's hard to locate the data sheet.

    there's only 6 possible 3-wire configurations and only one of them, will work
    well if you use a low supply voltage while testing your're unlikely to
    damage it.

    I'm guessing that 3 is ground and 1 or 2 in drain (v+) and the other is
    source (output).

    I'd try to get it with a from 1.5v supply and when you find the
    configuration that works best then increase the supply
    There's no email address for "this group"
    Attacments won't get far if attached to posts here.

    if don't give you web space you could stick a photo up on
    some free web-hosting service like geocities, preferably not one of
    those annoying ones that serve ask readers for money on three pages before
    you get to see the photo.

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