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Neon tube power supply

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Brett Cummins, Jul 4, 2004.

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  1. Hey!

    I'm a teenager with a goped (moterized scooter)and am trying to design
    a power supply using batteries to power a 12 volt neon tube (so I can
    have an underglow). I can get it at Bestbuy and the guy there said
    that if I found a way to power it, it would work. Now because it is 12
    volts, I could use a multiple variety of batteries. I could use two 6
    volt batteries, but they're too bulky to haul around. I was thinking
    of using a 9 volt battery, then buying a battery case at RadioShack
    for two AA (or 1.5 volt) batteries, thus giving me the desired 3 extra
    volts. If I connected this all together, would it light the tube?
    Please reply and tell me if this would work. If not, then other ideas
    would be appreciated!

  2. Nick

    Nick Guest

    Check out any CompUSA or any computer store.
    They have an assortment cold cathode neon tubes powered by 12
    volts(computer case power supplies) from $15 to $25
  3. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    What you say will give you 12 volts, yes, (one 9V + 2X 1.5V), but it
    will light your neon for about an hour. You really should get a
    motorcycle battery or emergency light battery or something like
    that. What you have to look at is Amp-Hour capacity. Divide the
    battery's amp-hr capacity by the amp draw of the load (i.e. your
    neon gewgaw), and it will tell you how long that particular battery
    will power your thing before it needs a recharge.

    For that heavy of a load, you should look into putting some kind
    of generator on your scoot.
  4. Did you actually read this before you posted it? You certainly didn't
    read what Brett Cummins wrote. He *already has* a source for the lamp. He
    wants a power supply, not another lamp.


    Sir Charles W. Shults III, K. B. B.
    Xenotech Research
  5. AC/DCdude17

    AC/DCdude17 Guest

    X-No-Archive: Yes

    Is your Goped electric or gas? Just get the power from the drive motor
    battery if it's electric. I'm quite certain it's 12V.

    If you have the gas one..

    You could just pick a conveniently sized 12V SLA from your local
    Batteries Plus or the like. Don't use a motor cycle battery. They
    aren't sealed and you don't want battery acid spilling.

    Another option is using a 12V battery pack from a cordless drill.
  6. Rok Sitar

    Rok Sitar Guest

    If U have a scooter then your scooter has a dynamo which can pover your
    tube, like it powers your lights. But U have to be careful not to over heat
    it, by that I mean that the dynamo doesn't give too much current to tube. If
    dynamo is overheatting then next step is alternator, but i think that won't
    look nice on scooter.
    Better solution is accumulator 12V and dynamo to charge it. I'm certain that
    your scooter has the accumulator and if so then it has the dynamo also and
    your problem is solved.

    Sorry for bad english.
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