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Motion (or Infrared?) detectors for lights or electronics?

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by [email protected], Jan 1, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Hi, I can't imagine this hasn't been asked before but I couldn't find
    any other similar postings. I am trying to find some sort of gadgets
    that that one can plug electronics (or screw in between bulbs and
    sockets) into that will turn on when someone enters a room and stay on
    until they leave the room (might not work so great for a bedroom but
    seems useful for other rooms).

    Does anyone out there know of such gadgets and where I can find them?
    Any help would really be appreciated!


  2. Baron

    Baron Guest

    Have a look for "PIR Detectors" Used in lighting and burglar alarm
    systems !
  3. John

    John Guest

    Use their wireless motion detectors and plug-in or wired switches.

    The no-motion off time can from about 1 minute to about 30 minutes.

    Doesn't work quite as well if your spouse falls asleep in front of the
    TV ;-)
  4. AZ Woody

    AZ Woody Guest

    Actually, the "off time" can be set between 1 and 256 minutes -
    1,24,8,16,32,64,128,256 to be specific

    Use one motion sensor per area, one x10 module per device you want
    turned on, and one rf receiver per 8 motion sensors, if you stick with
    std x10 stuff..

    The reason you only get 8 with 16 devices on a single house code, is
    that the motion sensor uses device+1 for dark/light indication.

    So, if you set the motion sensor1 to device 1, device 2 is used for
    light dark for sensor 1, and the next "usable" device is #3.
  5. Hopefully the people will move about, because otherwise the motion
    detector won't see them.

    Also, "screw into sockets" means the socket must have a view of the

    I've used switches that replace the normal light switch and give
    "off/on/auto" positions. They work well, but again replacing the switch
    means the switch needs to have a view of the people in the room.

    The X10 products mentioned help a little bit because they seperate the
    motion detector from the light and from the manual control of that
    light. But they are a bit more complex and some people have issues
    making them work like they are supposed to function.

    I've not seen any "plug into" style, but they wouldn't be hard to make.
    (Possibly starting with a cheap motion detecting floodlight from the
    discount store and an electrical box plus an extension cord. Cut the
    cord, wire it and the floodlight motion sensor into the box. Use the
    "plug" end of the cord for power, and use the socket aka receptacle end
    of the cord instead of the light sockets from the floodlight kit.)

    This whole idea is "occupancy detection" and it ranges from simple and
    cheap to very complex and expensive. You get to pick based upon what
    you can afford and how accurate you need it to be.

    A starting point is

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