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Looking for logic analyzer connectors

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Nico Coesel, Jun 25, 2010.

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  1. Nico Coesel

    Nico Coesel Guest

    I noticed the more professional logic analyzers have these nice spring
    loaded connectors that can be pushed onto a wire or a header pin
    without wearing out (much). Anyone knows where to buy these without
    filling the pockets of Tek or Agilent?
  2. D Yuniskis

    D Yuniskis Guest

    Hi Nico,

    There are a couple of different varieties. One type has a "J"
    hook (retractable) while the other is more like a pair of
    "<" and ">" (i.e., grabs from both sides instead of just
    one side).

    The micrograbbers ("J") can be found (in various qualities)
    for as little as $1 ea. Of course, if you need 160 of them
    (plus returns) it gets a bit pricey, regardless. :<

    Often, its more economical to pick up an old analyzer
    "surplus", discard the electronics and just save the
    cables! :-/
  3. Nico Coesel

    Nico Coesel Guest

    Actually I'm not looking for the grabbers but for the connectors with
    which you usually connect the grabber to the probe. I want to make
    some flying leads sets.

    This Ebay item looks very much like what I want to make:
  4. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    Grab a bag or two of Molex P/N 16-02-0102 or one of its siblings (search
    term on Digikey "C-Grid" for other platings and wire sizes) and crimp up
    your own. Cover with a piece of shrink tube and you're there. These fit
    great on standard 0.025 posts without needing any other housing.
  5. Nico Coesel

    Nico Coesel Guest

    I have those now but they wear out very quickly.
  6. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    Interesting. I have a bag with dozens of leads of various lengths and
    colors with those connectors on either end and the only ones that aren't
    snug any more were "sacrificed" intentionally by forcing them onto
    DB-style pins when nothing else was readily available. I love them for
    interconnects within and between dev/proto/breadboards since the shrink
    sleeve eliminates (mostly) the chance of a free end making a fatal
  7. D Yuniskis

    D Yuniskis Guest

    Hi Rich,

    You can buy this stuff in *rolls* -- i.e., one connector
    every 3 or 4 inches, IIRC. Awful expensive way of making
    jumpers of 4" multiples, though :-/
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