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Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by no one that you know, Jul 14, 2006.

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  1. Awhile ago I talked about converting my RV too CF lights.
    All I did was put a yellow bug CF in my trouble light.
    Instead I went all LED and I am very glad I did.........I love
    them.....23 led lights in all.......light where I want it when I want
    All of them on all at once and the draw is very little about 1.9 amps.
    Going to remove the full size car battery to reduce weight and go with a
    moter cycle batt instead. Prolly all I need for power now and can bring
    that up to a full charge quicker than the big one. Beside these 12 volt
    LED still give off plenty of light even when the batt drops down to
    three volts. Any comments?
  2. Vaughn Simon

    Vaughn Simon Guest

    .... Beside these 12 volt
    I hope you don't really allow your battery to drop to three volts.

  3. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Yes you'll wreck a lead acid batttery by doing that to it in no time.

    You need a decent size battery to crank the engine to start it btw.

  4. Vaughn Simon

    Vaughn Simon Guest

    ...entice you to send money to a scumbag? Naw, not likely
  5. JoeSP

    JoeSP Guest

    Deep cycle batteries are designed to do that. Some are designed to combine
    deep cycle performance with starting ability also. A bank of golf cart-type
    batteries will also work for both purposes.
  6. JoeSP

    JoeSP Guest

    Those must be different than the ones I tried. They clearly had 1156
    stamped on them, supposedly an equivalent to the standard automotive backup
    bulb. The output however, was barely sufficient as a nightlight. Without a
    light meter, I'd estimate about 5-10% the usable light output as the
    incandescent it was supposed to replace.

    I'd like to see some figures on the lights you have, because last I checked,
    there weren't any white LEDs available that were much more efficient than
  7. Canadian tire the boating section go figure and ebay for the 1157 led style.
  8. Not yet but I will thats why I am going with a cheap moter cycle batt.
    I tested the 12 volt led's with a AA.
  9. They are not nearly as bright but that is why I added them all over the place.
  10. Vaughn Simon

    Vaughn Simon Guest

    Discharging batteries flat is really bad for them, and replacing even a
    cheap battery because you ruined it is a really expensive way of doing things.

    Perhaps someone here can suggest an inexpensive low voltage disconnect

  11. You

    You Guest

    if you are dropping a 12Vdc Battery to 3Vdc under load, then you
    are a "Mooroooon", (bugs bunny definition) and deserve exactly what
    you get in battery life.........
  12. You

    You Guest

    NO battery is "Designed" to discharge from 12Vdc Designed Power Point,
    to 3Vdc Designed Dishcharged Point, and anyone who tortures a battery
    in this manner, will get exactly what he deserves......

    A Dead Battery........

    Where do you guys come up with this stuff.......
  13. You

    You Guest

    The OP got them from "Idiot's R US", where he also got that great
    battery discharge advice............
  14. Vaughn Simon

    Vaughn Simon Guest

    Don't you think it might be a bit better to educate the OP rather than call
    him names?

  15. JoeSP

    JoeSP Guest

    I think what was originally meant was a 3V drop, not a "drop to 3V."

    An LED that is wired for 12V, will not light properly at 3V.
  16. LED's, good idea, but running your battery down to 3 volts will
    destroy it quickly. You should not go below 50 % discaharge before
    recharging, and I belive 50 % is somwhere around 10 volts.


    SeeYaa:) Harbin Osteen KG6URO

    !sdohtem noitpyrcne devorppa-tnemnrevog troppus I

  17. JoeSP

    JoeSP Guest

    I just checked the AH rating of motorcycle batteries, and they seem to range
    from 12-17 amp-hours. If you're drawing almost 2 amps, would you be happy
    with 4-6 hours of light?
  18. Bob Adkins

    Bob Adkins Guest

    When that MC battery dies, get yourself a SLA battery. They have spade
    terminals, and are commonly used in UPS's. No fumes, and they last longer
    than MC batteries.

    No matter what type of 12v battery you use, never discharge it below 12v.
    That will ruin it in no time.
  19. Deep cyle batteries are designed to withstand deep cycling better than
    standard lead acid batteries, but discharging to 0.5 volts per cell
    will destroy even thew best deep cycle batteries in relatively short
    order. DO NOT DO IT!!!!!
    80% DOD (Depth of discharge) is the very VERY lowest I would
    reccommend. Even then, battery life is significantly reduced over, say
    70% DOD.
  20. Sorobon

    Sorobon Guest

    I converted my RV to LED's too, very happy with them. my incandescent light
    fixtures have 1 led bulb and 1 incandescent bulb, the switch turns on the
    LED bulb first and then if you slide it father the incandescent bulb will
    also turn on.
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