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Keri Doors 4.3

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Rafi Hecht, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. Rafi Hecht

    Rafi Hecht Guest

    We are running Keri Doors 4.3 and are having trouble with the
    Attendance Detail reporting. Our configuration utilizes a controller
    for two access readers on two different doors. One of the readers are
    coded Reader Type - In, and the other is coded as Reader Type -
    Out. The report picks up reads from one of the doors on occasion;
    however, in most cases the program doesn't record any access at all on
    either of the doors--both in or out.

    Can the problem be the result of an incorrect setting in the software,
    or is it in the hardware? Could it be a faulty board? Or perhaps it
    might be the result of a faulty Controller?

    Any other ideas and/or solutions would be extremely helpful.


    Rafi Hecht
    Dynamic Diamond
  2. James

    James Guest

    The setup with the readers sounds like it is intended for 1 door that has a
    reader to get in on one side and to get back out on the other side. If you
    have 2 seperate doors you shouldnt have an out reader configured. Before
    you can run a report you need to do a "Collect" from the system monitor
    screen. Then when you run a report it will show all the new events.

  3. Rafi Hecht

    Rafi Hecht Guest

    In our setup, we have a two-door trap system. After entering the first
    door, THAT DOOR must first close before one can go through the second
    door. Although both sides of each door are controlled by the same
    reader, one of the doors is Reader Type In and the other is Reader Type
    Out. However, as I indicated, NEITHER of the doors are recording by
    our system. Yet, other unrelated doors, are being read, and reported
    correctly. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

    Rafi Hecht
    Dynamic Diamond Corp.
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