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i phase -> 3 phase ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Jim Hawkins, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. Jim Hawkins

    Jim Hawkins Guest

    Are there any solid-state devices to convert 240 v 1 phase to 415 volt
    3-phase ? Available in the UK ?
    I would like to run a small (1/8 hp) 415 volt 3 phase motor from
    the 240 volt single phase supply.

    Jim Hawkins
  2. A variable frequency drive rectifies the single (or 3 phase)
    line power into DC, then constructs 3 phases of AC from the
    DC supply, usually with a PWM modulation method. But this
    produces an AC output voltage about as high as the AC input
    voltage, so if you cannot reconnect the motor for lower
    voltage operation, you would need a 3 phase step up
    transformer between the drive an the motor, also.

    Here is an example of this kind of drive:
  3. Guest

  4. WJLServo

    WJLServo Guest

    Real "old school" way to do this would be to use a transformer to step
    up to 415 volts, and then a good sized "starting" capacitor to do a
    fairly bad job of synthesizing phase lag to power 3rd phase lead on
    motor. Efficiency isn't nearly so good as with modern solid state
    drives, but, it's cheap, and you see lots of old machine tools and
    other gear with 3 phase induction motors run that way, hooked to
    single or two phase mains....

    W Letendre
  5. Guest

    assuming it is "normal" european 3-phase the 415V is between phases,
    each phase to neutral is still only 240, so not step up should be

  6. Jim Hawkins

    Jim Hawkins Guest

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