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I need Software Adjustments Parameters: RCA CTC203

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by SB20, Feb 19, 2005.

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  1. SB20

    SB20 Guest

    Got the set back in place, but need to adjust some of the service menu
    parameters (Menu&Power, Vol+). Could someone please post this list? Also
    are there recomended setting for these?

    Thanks! everyone has been great...I can see the finishline now!

  2. RonKZ650

    RonKZ650 Guest

    What adjustments are you trying to do? I wouldn't recommend doing
    anything without the Chippercheck setup hooked to a computer.
  3. SB20

    SB20 Guest

    Resizing it vertically and horizontally and shifting it into place. The
    corners also are a bit rounded/"pulled"

    I am also seeing some movement in the picture when the light levels
    change. I really notice it with the graphics on TV.

  4. kip

    kip Guest

    If the corners are rounded as you say Fix the TV,s
    fault first before playing around with the service menu,s.

  5. Art

    Art Guest

    Possible pin circuit problem.
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