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humminbird international model

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by r1, Oct 17, 2004.

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  1. r1

    r1 Guest


    Unfortunately I have purchased a Humminbird fishfinder (Matrix 37) in the
    US without knowing that on the US models the units were not configureable (I
    want meters instead of feet, Celcius instead of Fahrenheit , km/h instead of
    mph etc).

    However all Humminird models also exists in international versions as well
    (which are fully configureable). Does anybody here know what is the
    difference? Firmware, or simply a jumper inside...?

    Thanks for any tip on this issue

  2. Jack Erbes

    Jack Erbes Guest

    I would email the Humminbird support people and ask if there is a
    software upload that could solve this issue. I'd think that the
    difference between a U.S. and international model would be in software
    and that a re-flash might resolve it.

    You need to have a Humminbird serial number to log into their download
    site and that may limit what you can download also.

    Of course, it may be that there is a hardware difference between the two
    that will prevent your converting it.

    Also, this would be a good time for you to start getting familiar with
    and using the Imperial measurement system. That Metric thing is going
    to go away as soon as the UK/US coalition conquers the world. :>)

  3. r1

    r1 Guest

    Thanks Jack,
    i've emailed humminbird support a few months ago, and they only say that's
    not possible to convert it in international model with a software upload.
    I ve opened the case of the fishfinder, and there 's no jumper . So i wonder
    if it is possible to connect to the fishfinder with a software like
    hyperterminal, and access to a expert mode, and so write a code whick change
    between the us model and the international model.( i ve done it for a
    alcatel ADSL modem to convert it to home model to pro model.). If somebody
    here know a software to analyze the dialog of RS232 com port without locking
    the com port, so another software can use it simultanously, please tell me.

    For information, when i look the update software of the fishfinder, it seems
    that it contains all langages.

  4. Jack Erbes

    Jack Erbes Guest

    Sounds like you're already well over my head on "hacking" that.

    I started using the GPS Utility a while back and
    noticed that it will query the ID on my GPS Magellan and the unit
    reports itself by a name and number (Magellan 330M, ID: 30).

    I'm assuming that the ID is stored in hardware and can't be changed
    easily. So maybe, if you could find the ID's for the two different
    models you, could edit the update so that it will apply the
    international update to your U.S. model. Like I say though, that is all
    really over my head.

    If the comms during the update are RS-232 can you use a simple hardware
    monitor like the one shown here to
    capture and analyze the dialogue? I think there are software serial
    port monitors also.

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