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HT1100 video projector schematic

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by gfulton, Dec 2, 2005.

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  1. gfulton

    gfulton Guest

    I have an NEC HT1100 video projector that is inop. My son bought it at the
    college surplus store where he recently graduated from college. It is
    nearly new, only used a short time but was operated during a bad electrical
    storm up there and I think the power supply has been damaged by a surge. I
    used to repair electronic equipment years ago and believe I could fix this
    thing if it's only the power supply if I had a schematic. If it's more than
    that, I'll have to send it to the repair center in Jacksonville, Fla. I
    have had no luck obtaining a schematic for this unit after several calls to
    NEC and some of their repair centers. If anyone has available or knows
    where I can find a schematic for this unit, I would gladly pay them whatever
    they thought was fair. I'd like to fix this thing for my son's Christmas
    present if possible. Thanks very much for any help.

    Garrett Fulton
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