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HP 3586A/B/C manuals? (legible)

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Ancient_Hacker, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. As we mostly know, Agilent has put up slew of manuals for 1960 to 1990
    equipment up on their site.

    That's super, but:

    Now I'm trying to fix a HP 3586C which has a few problems, but the
    manual on the site is really loooooow resolution, making the
    schematics really hard to read. Plus I don't see the power supply
    schematic at all, and that needs the most attention as the nicad seems
    to have vented and caused lots of very pretty blue copper sulphate
    corrosion along all the exposed copper etch edges.

    Preferably on a PC disk, my old paper manuals shelf is both bulgingh
    and sagging.


    Any hints appreciated.
  2. Can't help with hard copy - I've just got the same blurry schematics...
    The reason you can't find the power supply schematic is because it's in
    volume 2B - and most folk only have vol 1 and 2. It's on the Agilent
    site, though - the part number is 03586-90000 (58Mb PDF!).
    I've got a 3586A - lots of pain getting it running properly, all caused
    by bad contacts in the digital circuitry. (Analogue bits are fine).
    Clean the edge connectors on the power and controller boards VERY
    thoroughly. Also beware of the IC sockets and the DIP switches. The
    nicad fault is standard - the manual details how to run it without.

    If you haven't done it already - try Yahoo Groups
    "hp_agilent_equipment". Lots of helpful people there.

    John L
  3. Guest

    This is a test
  4. Thanks for the tips. Do take care in cleaning the connectors as
    they're gold-plated-- if you rub too much the gold comes off and you
    have not so good tin exposed.
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