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Hard drive magnetics

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Jeff Johnson, Jan 20, 2011.

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  1. Jeff Johnson

    Jeff Johnson Guest

    I had a lot of data backed up on an external hard drive and I recently tried
    to access it and it was all gone(OS couldn't access HD). Seems the MBR got
    corrupt or possibly the partition table. It got me questioning why it went
    bad. It was not used or abused in the time it was working and
    wasn't(probably 3-5 months).

    Only thing google turned up was

    It mentions that HD's automatically refresh(I guess sorta like dram?) the
    magnetics when they are plugged in. Is this true? It could explain why the
    external drive went bad and will help keep it from happening in the future.

    So I'll I have to do is power it up and the drive's internal mechanics will
    refresh all the data with any need for me to initiate it? (e.g., copy the
    files, view them, etc...)
  2. Uwe Hercksen

    Uwe Hercksen Guest


    think about the nowadays HD's with their large capacity. To refresh the
    complete data stored on a half filled HD would take hours. It couldn't
    be true.

  3. Lab1

    Lab1 Guest

    "Evaporating magnetism"?? This guy must be a Mormon! (inside joke,
    either you get it or you don't)
  4. Hard drives do refresh and relocate data as they age, but a destroyed
    MBR is often a software problem.

    Does the drive click loudly? Many hard drives will try to shake the
    heads clean when they're not getting a good signal. It's a very bad
  5. Martin Brown

    Martin Brown Guest

    How do you know it is any of these? Does the drive spin up? Various
    mechanical things can prevent the read heads lifting - a fault which can
    often be fixed by giving the drive a quick jolt or sending it back to
    the manufacturer via post where it will arrive working and be put in the
    no fault found bin. Even if the OS doesn't recognise the drive as
    formatted it should recognise the USB connection and drivers.

    There are DIY recovery programs that will sort out most faults on a
    physical drive provided that the control electronics are still working.
    And there are expensive services that will recover stuff for you at a price.
    Not on that time scale and losing a few bits would normally be
    correctable allowing diagnostics to warn you. You get silly access times
    when drive media is borderline functional. My neighbour had one where
    Windows took 15mins to boot and XL half an hour to load. Some helpful
    person had turned off SMART error detection for him so he didn't see the
    enormous number of warnings of read errors!

    Sticktion is a much more likely cause of failure. It was very common at
    one time just after CFCs were banned.
    I think you are barking up the wrong tree here. Much more likely that
    something trashed the MBR if it is in fact missing. If you know the
    drive model you should be able to find one on th emakers support site to
    refresh from - I have never used harddrive diagnostics on USB/Firewire
    connected drive so I don't know how well they work like that. You might
    need to put the drive inside a PC to work on it.

    Martin Brown
  6. Jasen Betts

    Jasen Betts Guest

    that won't fix the partition table,
    the master boot record is only useful for booting from the drive.
    (and even then only works if attached to a valid partition table)

    To fix the partition table you need either a fdisk that doesn't trash the
    partition (not the MS product) and a memory of what it contained,
    a copy of the partition table, a partition table guessing tool like
    gpart, or an expert with a hex editor.

    --- news:// - complaints: ---
  7. Tauno Voipio

    Tauno Voipio Guest

    For fixing the partition table(s), Google for gpart.
  8. Finger pointing twits are fun to watch too. They typically have no
    fucking clue what they expound upon.
    A perfect example. You're an idiot. DOS volumes are practically
    non-existent these days. So are write errors for that matter.

    More bullshit. You're a real MAHN (Massive Array of Horseshit Neurons)
    I think you are a candidate for Alzhiemer's.

    Hard drives and magnetic storage mediums are the most reliable data
    storage device on the planet and have been for decades, and will be for
    decades to come. You can scribe the Library of Congress within a hard
    drive. You can only inscribe a page or so onto a gold clad ceramic plate
    that would last for thousands of years. What you have to measure is how
    much storage in how much space, written to or read from AQAP.

    The hard drive wins every time.
  9. JW

    JW Guest

    Chkdsk still exists in Windows XP for NTFS volumes. (And likely Windows 7
    as well.)

    Who is the idiot now? Rhetorical question of course, no need to follow up.
  10. Perhaps not, but you could not place hundreds of GB of data anywhere
    without great difficulty. I do not know of any massive flash arrays
    being relied upon for mission critical data storage anywhere.

    And they are also vulnerable to more than just EMP.
    Pretty sure at today's densities that a cosmic ray could flip a bit on
    a platter as well.

    I would still trust them for my needs. And stop the source of the EMP
    (Iran) before it happens.
  11. JW

    JW Guest

    Figured as much. When the OS detects that there may be volume corruption,
    a chkdsk is scheduled automatically on the next boot. Oh well, at least
    Glimmermoan has dropped the thread now that he's realized he was wrong
    (yet) again.
  12. Funny... I have not used it in years, and NONE of my drives have EVER
    had a lost sector, and I have twenty of them laying about here.

    Hell, even my MFM drives ran fine.

    You "defrag daily" retarded pussies deserve every damaged drive *that
    you create* that comes down your pike.

    Bwuahahahahahahahaha! You're an idiot.

    The modern Windows desktop has drive error detection and repair tools,
    and it is NOT "chkdsk", you fucking RETARD! That goes without mentioning
    that the drives themselves have error detection AND correction built into
    them as well. D'oh!

    So, **** off and die, you whiney little bitch.
  13. JW

    JW Guest

    Probably because you don't know how. Why don't you just admit you were
    wrong in that chkdsk is also exist for NTFS partitions?
    Have a friend (if you even *have* any) take them all to the roof of a
    twenty story office building. You stand below and have him drop them on
    your head one-by-one. See if that knocks any sense into you.

    [...] where dummy tries to change the subject.
  14. I was working with PCs before whatever incompetent twit that hired you
    for a job ever got you started, fuckhead.
    It exists. Only idiots use it, however.
    Do you even have any clue as to how immature that horseshit you spew
    You're an idiot. I know more about hard drives AND the systems that
    operate them, than you ever will.

    Currently on SATA3, SAS, and USB 3.0.

    Yep... I'm up-to-date. You? (no need to answer, I am already laughing
    about it). Bwuahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha!
  15. m II

    m II Guest

    "TheGlimmerMan" wrote in message

    You're an idiot. I know more about hard drives AND the systems that
    operate them, than you ever will.

    Currently on SATA3, SAS, and USB 3.0.

    Yep... I'm up-to-date. You? (no need to answer, I am already laughing
    about it). Bwuahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha!


    Sounds more like you are on satellite loony bin 3.

    Definitely full of SAS and a POS.

    Have you been taking your medication this year?

  16. **** off, you little retarded bitch.
  17. JW

    JW Guest

    I doubt that. Proof please.
    Looks like I need to apply the ruler of reason to the knuckles of
    stupidity again.

    "Confirm that your hard disk or your file system is not damaged
    To confirm that your hard disk or your file system is not damaged, start
    your computer from the Windows XP CD-ROM, load Microsoft Recovery Console,
    and then use the chkdsk command-line command."

    It is the preferred method for repairing corrupted volumes as the program
    will have an exclusive lock on the drive where the OS resides. (You really
    like the taste of shoe leather, right?)
    Speaking of horseshit, what's that substance in the large gap between your
    two front buck-teeth, scat-boy? Hmmm?
    Proof please.
    I'll email your handler and inform him you need some electro-shock therapy
    again. No need to thank me.
  18. Good for you, Johnny Wad. As if anything you ever felt ever had any
    credence with anyone other than you.
    You're an idiot. This is Usenet, you dumb fucktard.

    I was laying out 4X and we had our own camera and delivered run ready
    artwork films to our PCB house. We configured and used XTs and started
    using Acad on a 286 to do 4X plots on Mylar.

    I was using Lotus to plot IR thermal curves before you knew what a
    fucking spreadsheet was.

    I still have my 10MB Tandon 5.25" Full Height HD from my first XT.

    I have probably 15 or so pre IDE drives of various hardware
    architectures and interfaces.

    I have about three or four different platforms as well. I have an
    Alpha server and two Alpha SBCs. That will run a version of NT. I have
    a 486 EISA box. You likely do not even know what that is/was. I have at
    least two, if not three different Power PC platform based systems. You
    probably have trouble simply keeping up with football.

    I knew every piece of hardware that could go into a PC from even before
    they came out.

    Heathkit _could have_ set _you_ free.

    The Tandon hard drive is a museum piece.

    You are a toilet piece.

    That is all the proof I need to offer. Any person like the guy in the
    TV show "Lie To Me" could easily tell that my words here are truthful.
    Only retarded fucks like you and a few other failed jock mentality
    fucktards here think you bother me by claiming I am something else.

    Yeah, fucker... I'm something else alright. A damn sight better than
    you too.
  19. josephkk

    josephkk Guest

    And the MS tools still can't fix a damaged partition table and usually
    wants to clobber the partition table to fix the MBR.

  20. JW

    JW Guest

    Uh huh. And who puts stock in anything you say? You're AlwayWrong, after

    Wow. I'm impressed you had an XT! (Who didn't?)
    So? WTF good is it? For Christ's sake my first XT had an ST-506 Rodime
    20MB (neener! mine was bigger than yours!) full height drive. It's been in
    a landfill for 20 years now.
    There's a name for people like you.

    Just another mental illness of yours.
    The Amazing Kreskin!
    You just can't stop thinking about all thing fecal, can you?
    You're nuts. Get help.
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