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H-1B Visas; Why isn't This a Bigger Issue With Engineers

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by rickman, May 11, 2013.

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  1. rickman

    rickman Guest

    We have been in a down economy for how many years now? Unemployment has
    been high for many technical fields for some time and the last few years
    has seen unemployment rise dramatically for electrical engineers. So
    why aren't EEs asking their elected representatives why they continue
    the H-1B visa program?

    I think it is pretty much common knowledge that the H-1B visa program is
    being used and abused as a way to in-source workers and directly replace
    existing US workers from their jobs. How many here have lost a job to
    an H-1B visa holder or knows someone who has?

    How many here have voiced their opinion to their US representatives?
  2. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    H-1B is necessary because there is talent we simply cannot find enough
    of in the US (such as analog design). Also transducer engineers and so
    on. But it's abused, no question about it, and we all know the kind of
    companies that abuse it.

    The solution is _not_ abolishing H-1B. The solution is to enforce the
    prevailing wage which is law. It's as simple as that and would cost next
    to nothing because one lone PC can do this job. I have suggested that
    many times but nobody listens.

    Fixing H-1B is as easy as fixing an oscillating opamp by adding a few
    hundred pF of capacitance from OUT to IN-. This is why I cannot
    understand why some engineers advocate ditching the whole program (which
    isn't going to happen anyhow). That's like saying "Oh, it oscillates, so
    let's scrap this whole product line, it's no good".
  3. Gib Bogle

    Gib Bogle Guest

    The slowdown is definitely Obama's doing. Everything was ticking along
    fine before he came along.

    Your duckwittedness exceeds all my expectations.
  4. tm

    tm Guest

    Yeah, you libtards are still blaming it all on Bush. When do you think Obomo
    will accept being President? Ever?

  5. Check this out.

    How to multiply GDP by a factor of 6.

    Of course the first step is getting rid of teachers' unions.
  6. Gib Bogle

    Gib Bogle Guest

    Another duckwit. Obama IS president, you fool. I didn't mention Bush,
    and in case you failed to notice, there is a global economic slowdown
    affecting most of the industrialized countries. Have you read the news
    about the UK, Spain, France recently? Do you have any awareness of
    what's going on in the world?
  7. Gib Bogle

    Gib Bogle Guest

    Those unions that Obama created, right?
  8. Guest

    Have you any idea how much they spent to get him in, or how many tens
    of billions he's sent them since? Do you know even the tiniest bit of
    how and why they're all tied at the hip?

    Why comment on U.S. politics when you live so far away and know
    nothing of it?
  9. Guest

    Why should American employers be forced to hire a problematic, overpaid, ingrate and personality disordered [read narcissist] U.S. citizen with an entitlement complex when they can hire the same or better level of competence from overseas?
    American engineers aren't the only game in town, those days are over, and good riddance to them.
  10. Guest

    I have voiced my opinion to my Congress man and my Senators. But my
    opinion is that we are stupid to not offer green cards to all the
    foreigners that get advanced technical degrees at U.S. colleges. Do
    not screw around with H-1B visa's. Give them a green card so they can
    count on staying here as long as they want and change employers as
    they desire.

  11. Ecnerwal

    Ecnerwal Guest

    Without a couple of million $ (each) in bribes (oh, right, "campaign
    contributions") it's a waste of time, because the "people" who make
    {m|b|tr}illions by claiming there is a "shortage of talent" (which, if
    ever real, is only a "shortage of talent willing to be underpaid") have
    already bought "your" congresscritter, and "your" concresscritter won't
    listen to "you" until you make it a better cash offer.

    Well, that is the oft-repeated claim. Every time I've scratched the
    surface of "an engineer shortage" it appears to be a shortage of
    engineers who like to work for peanuts while the apes at the top of the
    tree or over in the bull-crap-polishing department take home millions.
    "We can't find workers" is a sign of a very simple economic principle,
    "you are not offering enough in money, benefits, working conditions
    etc." to get workers. Rather than offer more, they want indentured
    servants that cannot leave for a better offer - so, H1-B.

    Still, I'd agree that it's not going away and also not going to be
    fixed, based on my first point - it's the way it is because it was
    bought and paid for, and suits the "people" that own it just fine.
  12. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    Ecnerwal wrote:


    I can attest to the contrary. We hired a small team of British engineers
    at my last employer. Definitely folks you can either not find in the US
    or have to pry out of the competition. Upon which the projects at the
    competitor would have croaked. These people were paid top Dollar.

    This and other such efforts have created countless well-paying jobs for
    Americans, right here in California. Without H-1B the alternative would
    have been very clear, we would have set up the whole place in the
    Netherlands where we already had a subsidiary.
    As I outlined, fixing H-1B and preventing abuse is absolutely easy. But
    nobody listens. Or nobody wants to listen.
  13. Mark

    Mark Guest

    yep, the problem with engineers, is they are too involved with doing
    their job well to worry about being treated fairly..

    there is a lot of truth in these jokes


  14. rickman

    rickman Guest

    Indeed. The difference between engineers and doctors is just a matter
    of being organized. Doctors work together to improve their conditions
    to the point that they manage their own profession to the exclusion of
    even the government. Engineers think they need to be independent and as
    a result end up a commodity. I believe the term for an engineer among
    management is "tool".

    That is why I gave up on a regular job and became a consultant. I don't
    have clients beating a path to my door like Joerg, but I do very well at
    times. This is one of them. I think I would have gone crazy if I was
    still working 9 to 5.
  15. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    But not all is true. I have personally seen an H-1B engineer bail and
    start working for a new employer in the US. Simple: Obligations for H1B Employers Sponsors/ref/1172/

    "The new regulations permit the H1B employee to begin working for the
    new employer upon the filing of the transfer H1B petition with the
    USCIS. H1B applicants who currently have a transfer petition pending
    with the USCIS can begin working for the new employer immediately".

    That pretty much debunks the myth of indentured servitude.

  16. Guest

    yep, "stealing" talent from other countries should be a good thing

    making sure that it isn't just a way for companies to save on pay,
    would be one of the good thing unions could do, but that is probably
    swear word around here :p

  17. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    T'is good healthy competition, way it should be. In the US many people
    lament such competition in the workplace, they do not see that it's the
    same in other countries. When I worked in Germany all our bosses were
    Americans and inside the building we generally spoke English. There was
    never one bad word said about all those work visas. On the contrary, we
    tried to help the folks settle in and feel at home in a country that was
    foreign to them and far away from all their relatives.

    Competition is the only way to really excel in business.

    We don't need unions for that. This is already in the law but
    unfortunately nobody really cares about it.
  18. Guest

    Here there's an option to only pay half tax for the first five years
    for foreign "highly paid employees and researchers",
    they have to be approved and paid more than ~12K$ a month
    sure you don't need them, but they are the ones that should care
    probably they only ones with the resources

  19. Joerg

    Joerg Guest

    That's one of the things I've often advocated. Set the minimum salary
    really high for H-1B. If companies are not willing to pay that then
    obviously they do not need the engineers all that urgently.

    What resources? Propaganda material? :)
  20. Guest

    you could call it that :p

    The big companies have a bunch of highly paid lobbyist pulling in one
    direction, if the other side doesn't have something similar they have
    no chance

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